Independence Day 2023: Celebrate With These 10 Tricolour Sweets
Image Credit: Monali's FoodCourt/facebook

India is all set to celebrate its 77th Independence Day on August 15, 2023. This day marks our independence from colonial rule by the British. It is an occasion to honour our freedom fighters for their sacrifice and celebrate the culture and achievements of our country. This day is celebrated by hoisting the national flag, attending cultural events, and relishing scrumptious meals while watching patriotic movies.

We also enjoy Independence Day with a variety of tricolour dishes, both savoury and sweet. From tiranga idli for breakfast to tricolour pulao for lunch, you will find plenty of recipes posted on social media. Among all these dishes, tricolour sweets stand out. These desserts are always in high demand during the National festivals.

So, if you are also looking for some tricolour sweets to celebrate this festival, here are ten delicious recipes for you: 

Tricolour Barfi

Made with fresh coconut, condensed milk, cardamom powder, and food colours, this simple and yummy sweet is perfect to prepare on Independence Day morning. Prepared within half an hour, this barfi can be refrigerated and stored for a week. It has a melt-in-your-mouth taste, and you can also add your favourite nuts and dry fruits to it.

Tricolour Sandesh 

Sandesh is a Bengali sweet treat that is made with chenna and sugar. Give this soft and moist mithai a patriotic touch by adding layers of saffron, white, and green colour. For flavourings, you can use cardamom, pistachios, and saffron. Sandesh can be stored for up to two days when refrigerated. 

Tricolour Kheer 

Kheer is one of the most popular desserts prepared on several occasions, including auspicious festivals. So why can’t we enjoy it on this special day? To prepare tricolour kheer, all you need to do is prepare kheer with your usual recipe and divide it into three parts. Add saffron food colour to one part and green food colour to another, then layer it accordingly and enjoy. 

Tricolour Rasmalai 

This is another classic Bengali sweet that is made from paneer dumplings, which are dunked in a rich and creamy milk mixture. The mixture is usually flavoured with cardamom, saffron, and nuts. Give this delight a patriotic touch by adding orange and green food colouring to it.

Tricolour Kulfi 

Since it is monsoon season, we crave frozen desserts and ice cream due to the humid weather. So, surprise your kids with tricolour kulfi this Independence Day. They are definitely going to love it. Made with full-cream milk, sugar, saffron, green food colour, almonds, and cardamom, this homemade kulfi is perfect to enjoy after a meal.

Tricolour Halwa 

Tricolour halwa is a delicious and visually appealing sweet dish that is perfect to indulge in on Independence Day. Made with cream, milk, semolina, and sugar, it can be prepared within fifteen minutes. You can also serve it to your guests on this celebratory occasion. 

Tricolour Ladoo 

Ladoos have been a special part of Independence Day for years. Even today, this iconic mithai is distributed at national festivals in schools and offices. Though they were not tricolour ladoos, we can try preparing them at home. All you need to do is combine condensed milk, coconut, ghee, and semolina and mix it with orange and green colours. You can either mix the food colours together and make one ladoo or prepare three separate ladoos with different colours.

Tricolour Doodh Peda 

Sweeten your Independence Day with this simple and yummy treat. This is a fudge-type sweet that is made with ricotta cheese, sugar, and the flavourings of cardamom, rose, and saffron. Milk peda is immensely popular among all mithai lovers, and when prepared with tricolour, it becomes perfect for this national festival. 

Tricolour Jalebi 

Apart from ladoo, jalebi is another popular sweet that is distributed in schools and offices on Independence Day. Give it a patriotic twist by adding saffron, white, and green colours to the dessert. You can also serve this sugary treat with rabri. Though it takes a little more time than the other mithais, tricolour jalebi is worth trying. 

Tricolour Modak 

Modak is a well-known sweet from Maharashtra that is widely enjoyed during Ganesh Chaturthi. Give it a patriotic touch by adding saffron and green food colours to it. Made with rice flour, ghee, milk, coconut, and cardamom powder, modak can be enjoyed for up to three days.