Republic Day 2024: 8 School Treats For National Holidays

Republic Day is approaching and the whole nation is ready to celebrate it. Observed on January 26 every year, it marks the birth of the Constitution of India. This day brings great enthusiasm and patriotic fervour across the country. Speaking particularly about the celebration in schools, Republic Day is an important occasion that begins with flag hoisting and is followed by cultural programs. 

Then comes the most-awaited part: the distribution of sweets and snacks. Whether you are an adult with a job, a college student, or still in school, everyone will agree that this used to be the most anticipated moment during national festival celebrations in school. Standing in line with your friends and waiting for your turn to get laddoos, mithais, and snacks was super fun. Some schools also give a full box of sweets and snacks to their students instead of just one item. 

So, to bring back your nostalgic moments of school life, here are the top eight treats that are distributed in schools during Republic Day.


Laddoos are an integral part of every festival in India. Not only in schools but it is also distributed in colleges and offices on national festivals. Loaded with ghee and sugar, this sweet treat has a separate fanbase in the country. Motichoor laddoos made with gram flour, sugar, and spices are the most common preference among all the varieties for Republic Day (and Independence Day). 


Crispy and juicy jalebi has a special place in the hearts of every mithai lover. Made by deep-frying all-purpose flour, these circular-shaped treats are soaked in sugar syrup. Jalebis are another popular Republic Day treat that is served in schools and offices. One nostalgic memory of eating jalebis in school was the way our hands used to get messy and the stains of sugar syrup on the uniforms. 


This simple yet yummy mithai is made with khoya and granulated sugar. Mostly, peda is a part of the sweet box that is given on Republic Day and Independence Day in schools. This humble treat is never the highlight of the snack dabba but surely marks its importance due to its mild sweet flavour. 


Dhokla is a renowned breakfast cum snack from the state of Gujarat. Made with a combination of lentils, rice, herbs, and spices, it is spongy in texture and savoury in taste. Dhokla is usually paired with red or green chutney. Many schools in Gujarat also prefer distributing this yummy snack at the national festivals.   


Every kid love eating chocolate, and this is why many schools across India distribute candies, toffees, and chocolate on Republic Day and Independence Day. They don’t make your hands messy and unlike laddoos and other sweets, chocolates have a longer shelf life. Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Melody, Poppins, Mango Bite, and Alpenliebe are some of the preferred choices of chocolates and toffees for the festival. 


These Bengali sweet needs no introduction. Made with chhena, sugar, jaggery, and condensed milk, it is sweet and moist in taste and soft in texture. In many schools in West Bengal, sandesh is an integral part of Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations. To give it an attractive look, sandesh is made in different shapes and sizes. 


Soft, creamy, and rich in texture, pastries are another famous treat distributed on Republic Day and Independence Day in schools. Though it may not be very common in many schools, kids enjoy eating this treat a lot. Made with several tasty ingredients, including frosting and toppings, this baked delight has various flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, and so on. 


If you are done with sweets, here comes the iconic snack samosa. Being the showstopper of the Republic Day sweet box, it is also a popular part of the school canteen menu. With a savoury filling and a crispy outer layer, this snack can steal anyone’s taste buds. Even though the samosa packed in the dabbas becomes cold due to the long wait, every kid enjoys it on Republic Day.