Republic Day 2024: 6 Healthy Tricolour Recipes To Try

Planning to make tricolour food at home to mark Republic Day this year? You can always try some nutritious options. Instead of food colouring, use veggies which can bring different colours to your plate. Make the most of the seasonal produce and go for diverse recipes featuring winter veggies, dry fruits and other colourful options. 

The trick is to know what to use for tricolour recipes so it end up looking right. If you’re using veggies or microgreens, you can always add more to enhance the colour. Orange, green beans, broccoli and other seasonal produce that fit the theme, offer a ton of health benefits. Here are some tricolour recipes which are yummy and nutritious:

Palak Paneer Rolls

Make these spring roll-style palak paneer rolls with a filling of cooked spinach and carrots. This veggie filling wrapped in whole wheat rotis can also be a good breakfast. You can also add in peas, beans and some leafy veg. Air-fry it if you can, to get the extra crispiness and cut it in half so you can see the filling. Alternatively, bake the rolls and top with a hint of butter

Coconut Rice

A simple yet flavorful dish, coconut rice features shredded coconut, curry leaves, and mustard seeds. You can add some saffron to add a rich, fragrant accent to this dish. Make sure the coconut, curry leaves and saffron are in the right ratio so all three colours can be visible in a single serving. If possible, serve it in smaller bowls where everyone can see the colours better.

You can also go for a coconut milk curry, featuring vegetables or proteins like tofu or paneer. It usually has a white base and the romantics and spices may lend it a light orange-ish hue. The mild and creamy texture of coconut milk provides a soothing contrast to the bold spices often found in Indian cuisine. Top it with some basil or parsley.


Tricolour Salad

There are many ways you can curate a tricolour salad. A nutritious and visually stunning salad can be created by combining finely chopped spinach, shredded coconut, and a mix of saffron-coloured lentils. Toss them together with a light dressing for a vibrant and healthy tricolour salad.

Or go for a quinoa bowl. Quinoa, often considered a superfood, can be combined with spinach, coconut, and saffron-infused lentils to create a balanced and colourful bowl. Add your favourite vegetables for an extra dose of nutrients.

Ragi Dosa

Ragi, a nutrient-dense millet, can be used to make dosas that represent the tricolour theme. The green dosa made with spinach puree, a white coconut chutney, and a saffron-infused lentil filling can be a great lunch or a snack. 

Whole Wheat Vegetable Paratha

Incorporating vegetables like spinach and carrots into whole wheat parathas not only adds vibrant colours but also enhances the nutritional value. Serve with a side of white yoghurt for a tricolour twist

Tricolour Dhokla

A fusion of traditional dhokla with a tricolour twist makes for a visually stunning snack. The layers of saffron, white coconut, and green coriander chutney create a great look. Not to mention, they are made by fermenting and steaming, so they have nutritional value as well