Republic Day 2024: 6 Easy-Peasy Tricolour Recipes To Whip Up

There is much to celebrate on the event of the 75th Republic Day of India. The country has made tremendous strides in several fields, from science and technology to the arts to business and innovation. But nothing quite speaks to the heart and soul of the nation quite like the people’s shared love of food. Owing to the country’s vast geographical and cultural diversity, the populace of India is blessed with a plethora of fresh and juicy dishes and ingredients that imbue the local food with beautiful colours, textures, and flavours.

Food is at the centre of almost all communal experiences of India. Therefore, Republic Day is the perfect occasion to showcase India’s rich and colourful culinary heritage. Commemorate this Republic Day in style by serving dishes that are in the vibrant colours of the Indian national flag—saffron, white, and green. These tricolour dishes are guaranteed to infuse Republic Day soirees and shindigs with a spirit of gaiety and patriotism. Here is a list of tricolour recipes, both sweet and savoury, that are quick and easy to implement, and will definitely help make Republic Day parties and get-togethers memorable and enjoyable. And what’s more, they are delicious too!

Tricolour Paratha Bites

Paratha is a quintessential Indian food that would be a perfect dish to serve during a Republic Day party. One can add a gourmet twist to this local hearty dish, which is a staple in almost all Indian households, by cutting up the parathas into tiny bite-sized pieces and serving them as an appetiser. Blend the paratha dough with spinach puree to get green and beetroot puree to sprinkle the flatbread with dashes of saffron. These purees coupled with the plain dough will give the paratha bites a tricolour effect. 

Tricolour Idlis

Idlis are a classic South Indian food that are fixture as a breakfast item throughout the country. Being such an evergreen dish, they are apt symbols of India, especially for a Republic Day feast. To prepare tricolour idlis, ensure the idli batter has been segregated into three separate portions. Introduce spinach puree and carrot puree to two portions of the batter to imbue those particular idlis with green and saffron hues and keep one portion of the batter as is for the white colour. Once steamed, serve the tricolour idlis with delicious condiments, such as coconut chutney and sambar.

Tricolour Paneer Tikka

Paneer is one of the most cherished food items in India, being one of the most powerful forms of protein for most of the vegetarian Indian population. It is always a good idea to serve this dish because apart from being tasty, it is also healthy. To create this dish, marinate the paneer cubes in yoghurt and with spices; this will be the white portion of the dish. Then, take a skewer, and add a green capsicum and a carrot on either side of the paneer. In this way, the paneer tikka dish will resemble the tricolour flag!

Tricolour Chicken Kebabs

Chicken kebab is a timeless Mughlai specialty that is sure to elevate the menu of your Republic Day party or get-together. It is also a great non-vegetarian accompaniment to paneer tikka. Take three separate cuts of the boneless chicken; season one of them with mint and coriander to get the green colour. The second portion can be seasoned with yoghurt, ginger garlic paste, and cream to produce a white colour effect, and turmeric powder and chilli powder can be used to lend the third portion a saffron-ish hue. Serve your tikkas on a skewer or on a plate.

Tricolour Fruit Bowl

Fruits are an important part of the majority of the Indians’ diet. Therefore, having a fruit-based option in one’s Republic Day celebration menu is a good idea. It also serves as a delicious and nutritious sweet dish element. Fruits, such as orange, banana, and kiwi are popularly used for tricolour fruit bowls. Some chefs and home cooks also recommend using yoghurt instead of banana for the white layer of the fruit bowl. This simple and no-fuss dish is a favourite among hosts because it is super easy and quick to whip up.

Tricolour Jelly

It is smart to have multiple sweet dish options in one’s menu, especially when there are so many savoury options. And jelly is a food item that unites everyone, adults and children alike! This delectable dessert dish can be created using gelatin of the different food colours of the tricolour. Alternatively, coconut milk as well as kiwi and orange dice can also be used to create a visually appealing tricolour jelly dessert.