Republic Day: 4 Tricolour Snacks And Sweets To Celebrate

India will be celebrating its 74th Republic Day on 26th January 2023, which means that 74 years ago, on this very day, independent nation India laid down its very own constitution. The day holds immense significance to Indians and they leave no stone unturned to express their love for the country, be it in the way they dress up, or singing patriotic songs, or preparing dishes with hues of the tricolour. Here are 4 tricolour sweets and snacks that will definitely take your celebrations, a notch up.  

Tri-Colour Burfi   

It is said that the shape of barfi is reminiscent of an ice cube, also called ‘barf’ in Hindi and that is how, the sweet got its name. Barfi is part of every Indian occasion, big or small. How about celebrating India’s special day with this one recipe? The three colours used in this Barfi, saffron, white and green makes this an ideal Republic Day Treat. 


Tri-Colour Sandwich  

Sandwiches can be a simple breakfast or a delicacy if you want it to be. Flaunt your love for the country through this tri-coloured sandwich. All you need are some colourful veggies and yogurt. Now, isn’t that something.  

Tiranga Halwa  

Halwa arrived in India in medieval times. Since then, Indians have reimagined it in various ways, using flours, pulses, cereals and grains to give it its own spin. This tricolour Halwa also uses interesting elements to recreate the three colours of Indian flag. The Halwa is then stuffed inside a paratha. Too good to resist. 


Tiranga Dhokla in Mug  

Dhokla is anyway, one of the easiest snacks to make at home, but can you imagine making it multicoloured?  Dhokla is a Gujarati snack, which is a steamed cake made with a besan batter. It is yellow in colour typically, but this special mug Dhokla comes in colours of saffron, white and green. How tempting, right?  

 Try these delicacies and let us know which ones you liked the best.