Republic Day 2022: From Drinks To Desserts, Here Are 6 Tricolour Recipes That You Can Make Today
Image Credit: From idlis to sandwiches, dye your food in the flavours of the tricolour.

While one year ends with a series of festivities, another year begins with a round of festivities too. That’s what the year looks like in India. Given the immense diversity and a host of cultures encompassed in the Indian sub-continent, it seems natural to have a special festival dedicated to each occasion. However, there are certain days which are deemed as national holidays. These are celebrated across the country, by people belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. One of them is today, i.e. Republic Day. A little trivia into the history of this day is important to give you context. 

The first Indian Constitution was formed and signed on 26th November, 1949 and came into effect on 26th January the next year. That’s when this day was deemed as Republic Day and celebrated every year. In fact, the past few days saw the preparations for the annual parade in full swing. This tradition is followed each year, when a special parade is organized at Rajpath and the President of the country gives a detailed speech to mark the occasion. In addition to this, you’ll witness one of the largest fly pasts this year along with tableaus and NCC cadets marching. 

Although there are chiefs guests honoured every year, this will be the second consecutive year without a chief guest for Republic Day due to the pandemic. Among the host of celebratory practices and rituals, there are some delicious treats that are symbolic of your patriotic feeling. As India enters its 73rd Republic Day, here are lip-smacking tricolour recipes that you can embody on your plates to ignite the true Indian feeling in you. 

1.  Frost Tricolour Mocktail 

This cold and creamy mocktail is all things frosty and tasty. The idea is to use ingredients that reflect the colours of the Indian flag and this mocktail does full justice to it. Layer your glass with some vanilla ice cream at the bottom and top it with diced papaya. Place mint and coriander sprigs on the top of the glass and you are good to go. This mocktail is picture-perfect for D-Day as well as delicious. 

2.  Tricolour Sandwiches 

This is the best way to start your day. Hog on some tricolour sandwiches while watching the parade. Slice the bread and slather it with some butter. Drop in some capsicums onto the slice of bread and top it with another slice. Butter it again and layer it with a thick and rectangular slice of paneer. Finally, place another slice and butter it up, only to top it with grated carrots and a slice of bread. Sprinkle some grated cheese on top and your double-decker sandwich is ready. 

3.  Tricolour Bread Pakora 

Another delicious and crispy option for breakfast could be a tiranga bread pakora. The potato and paneer-stuffed bread pakora is layered with a bright green mint chutney and a vibrant red tomato chutney. Deep-fry the entire sandwich by coating it in a mixture of gram flour. Once it turns golden-brown, slice it from between and witness the beautiful tricolour layers. 

4.  Tricolour Masala Idli 

A beautiful and colourful idli can be served for lunch. For this, you would need orange and green food colour. Make the idli batter and steam your fresh, white idlis. Now, add food colour to two edges of the idli, leaving the centre portion white. The Indian flag looks perfect on the idli. 

5.  Tricolour Rice 

Lip-smacking as always, rice can be spruced up and give the hues of tricolour with this easy recipe. You just have to prepare mint rice, plain rice and some carrot-flavoured rice. Mount them one on top of the other in a bowl and let it set. Turn over the bowl on a plate and relish this tricolour rice. 

6.  Tricolour Rasmalai 

Yes, that’s right. Rasmalai is generally either white or yellow (in case of kesar rasmalai). However, this time you can make a creamy and chilled rasmalai with falooda and a touch of the Indian tricolour. Kesar and green cardamom lend the rasmalai falooda it’s beautiful colour and your sweet dish is ready to be devoured.