Remembering RD Burman’s Favourite Dishes On His Birthday
Image Credit: RD Burman, He loved eating Chingri chaap.

While stalwarts are often revered for excelling in their respective fields, the little-known facts about their life and personality are no less interesting and inspiring. Like that of legendary music composer Rahul Dev Burman. Popularly known as Pancham da, June 27 marks the 83rd birthday anniversary of the ‘king of Bollywood music’. Interestingly, the Bengali musician not only ruled Bollywood but the home kitchen too. A die-hard foodie who knows his way around food, Burman was one person who knew how to cook up a good song as well as dish. He loved all things seafood and non-vegetarian. 

His foodie instincts were so loved by his near and dear ones that his wife, Asha Bhonsle, dedicated several dishes on her restaurant menu to the music composer. Just like his songs, Kya Hua Tera Wada and Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai, his favourite food is also a hit at Asha’s, his wife’s restaurant in the UK. Did you know that Panchma da was a huge fan of Chingri Chaap? For the uninitiated, this dish is a delicious Mughlai-style prawn curry, spruced up with several herbs and spices. A paste of garlic, ginger, onion etc. is used to make the curry. On the restaurant’s menu, you can easily spot the dish as it is called RD Burman Chingri Chaap. 

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are coated in breadcrumbs and a marination of ginger-garlic. These are fried until golden-brown and served as an appetiser, according to a report by The Quint. Not only was the King of Bollywood Music a fan of eating, he enjoyed cooking equally. In fact, it is said that he took training from the late playback singer, Mohammed Rafi, who was an expert in Mughlai food. Panchma da also loved hosting people at his house, as reported by TOI. 

The foodie couple always had guests over like Rajesh Khanna and Dilip Kumar, who loved having food made by Asha. Being a hard-core foodie, there is another dish that is a tribute to Burman at his wife’s restaurant. It is called Lamb Muscat Gosht. While Asha tried this dish in Muscat, she came home to make it for her husband and he loved it. The tender boneless lamb, cooked in spicy gravy melted Burman’s heart and this was also added to Asha’s menu. 

Although there are several dishes that Burman loved to eat, it is the signature dishes like Chingri Chaap and Lamb Muscat Gosht that have lived on even after him.