3 Reasons To Add Sooji And Poha To Your Daily Meals
Image Credit: Sooji And Poha

A healthy lifestyle includes having nutritious food ingredients in your daily diet. In addition, it’s also necessary to choose the proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals that can help better function the digestive system, boost immunity and overall metabolism. Today, we will talk about two popular food ingredients that you can add to your daily diet and say yes to a healthy lifestyle. Semolina (sooji) and flattened rice (poha) are the two key ingredients you need to include in your daily diet plan to lead a healthier life. Here’s why Shammi Agarwal, MD, Pansari Group, tells us:

Helps in weight loss

Being fat is one of the multiple common issues that many people face, and it is suggested to add Poha and Sooji to your daily diet to lose those extra kilos. They both are rich in fibre, which gives you a sense of fullness for a longer duration and helps avoid the practice of overeating. Also, protein in both ingredients gives you the much-needed energy to stay active throughout the day.

Good for heart

Sooji contains ‘Selenium’, which helps protect the heart from infections. It has been found to improve cardiovascular health and prevent heart attacks and heart failures. Poha is also rich in nutrients like phosphorous, vitamin C, A, B, and E and should be consumed regularly to keep the heart-healthy. They also keep infections at bay and promote good skin and hair health.

Keeps blood sugar levels under control

The stressful lifestyle and chaotic sleeping patterns often result in blood sugar fluctuation. However, according to health experts, sooji and poha are rich in fibre, iron, vitamin B, which helps prevent any sudden spikes in blood sugar levels and further control the release of sugar into the bloodstream.


While they both are loaded with essential nutrients, it is suggested to prepare them specifically and other healthy ingredients to gain maximum benefits. For instance, peanuts, curry leaves, and lemon juice are recommended by nutritionists for both dishes. They enhance the overall nutritional value of the dish and help you live a healthier life.