Best Places To Try Haleem And Kebabs In Hyderabad

Hyderabad glows during Ramzan. From street-side carts to fancy restaurants, everyone, irrespective of their faith, enjoys the city’s best food that too during the much-awaited festival of the year. If you have been to Hyderabad even once, you must be aware of the mesmerizing food walks in the city. And yes, this may not be about a great ambience, fancy cutlery or air-conditioned dining arrangement but just food, which is soothing, tempting and irresistibly delicious. Let us take you through some of the best places in Hyderabad where you can try the best haleem and kebabs. Are you ready? 

Subhan Bakery  

Subhan Bakery is a brand famous for Osmania biscuits, but it has also started serving haleem from this year. The haleem served here has a smooth texture and made with a perfect balance of spices. Located at Nampally market, this may be a new place for haleem in the city but definitely worth a try. 

Hotel Nayab  

Hotel Nayab’s haleem needs no introduction. Served with a swirl of bone broth, the haleem served here is loved by many Hyderabadis. With the addition of broth, the gooey texture of haleem mixes easily. The place located at Nayapul Road, is also known for serving paya, khichda and keema. 

Amjad Lala 

Remember Amjad Lala? Yes, he is the same Hyderabad-based home cook who participated in the MasterChef. He serves one of the best haleems in the city. While talking to a media house, it was told by Amjad Lala that his special haleem has potla meat without bones and no whole spices. They use their heirloom recipe and need a minimum order from 15 people. 

Grill 9 

Situated in Secunderabad, Grill 9 eatery introduced the Baahubali haleem which gained popularity in no time. Again, they launched something new I.e., the haleem platter consisting of haleem, two different types of kebabs, a bowl of shorba loaded with Yemeni dry fruits. If you are looking to have a new and better haleem experience, you must visit this place. 

Saleem Javed  

This new eatery is the talk of the town because of serving a healthier haleem. The haleem they serve is made of dal just like Bohra’s khichda but is prepared with finely-ground spices and has a much smoother texture. It has ghee as a garnish and tastes amazing.

Kholani’s Kitchen 

Kholani’s Kitchen in Banjara Hills serves extra soft, spicy kebabs with a covering of cooked marination. If you are looking for the softest and smoothest kebabs, Kholani’s kitchen is your place. Do give it a try! 

Sonu Kebab 

Situated at Old City’s Husaini Alam, this place sells a variety of kebabs, but their star seller kebab variety is pathar ka gosht. It has the perfect balance of meat and spices and the smokey flavour works like a cherry on the cake. What say? 

When are you visiting these places? Do let us know!