The Most Popular GI: Hyderabadi Haleem Triumphs Over Rasgulla
Image Credit: Unsplash

Hyderabadi Haleem has received the title of 'Most Popular GI,' beating out other food items such as Rasgulla, Bikaneri Bhujiya, and Ratlami Sev. The dish was chosen for the award by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry based on popular opinion. To choose the dish, voters were polled between August 2 and October 9. People from both India and outside turned out to vote, and the majority of them favoured Hyderabadi Haleem.

GI Attorney S Ravi said, “It is really encouraging to observe that the Hyderabadi Haleem received the most votes from both domestic and international voters. In general, the reception has been largely supportive.” Piyush Goyal, the minister of business and industry, recently awarded the award to MA Majeed, the director of Pista House and president of the Hyderabad Haleem Makers Association.

About Hyderabadi Haleem

Hyderabadi Haleem is a meat-based dish with lentils, wheat, spices, and other ingredients. During the month of Ramadan, it is the most popular dish in the city. During the holy month, numerous restaurants in the city build up Haleem outlets. It is not simply a business, but also a source of income for many city inhabitants. Though it is widely sold during the holy month, some retailers have made it available all year.

About The GI Tags

Products are given GI tags to restrict the usage of the well-known product name to approved users exclusively. Many things in Telangana are packed with the GI tag. However, only Haleem from Hyderabad took home the title in the cuisine category. Hyderabadi Haleem received GI status for the first time in 2010. It lost validity on December 2019. Later, the dish's tag was extended for another 10 years by the Geographical Indicator registrant.

The Nirmal furniture, Nirmal paintings, Nirmal toys and crafts, Gadwal sari, and Banaganapalle mangoes are some of the other Telangana products that have received the GI designation.