Ramadan 2022: Here's What You Should Eat And Avoid During Sehri
Image Credit: masala.com

All Islamic people who fast in Ramadan eat twice, once in the morning before the sun rises, called 'sehri' and in the evening after sunset, 'iftar'. But there are many rules for the morning sehri and evening iftar, which should be kept in mind. First, you must know what you should eat in the morning, i.e. during 'sehri'. Proper meals/food will help you observe 'roza' during the whole fasting month of Ramadan. Moreover, you will not feel thirsty and hungry throughout the day.

What to eat in 'sehri'?

In sehri, you should eat filling food that doesn't make you feel hungry after a while, and neither makes your throat dry. 

  1. In such a situation, you must first eat dates. There is a tradition of opening fast with dates in Ramadan, and you can also have it in the form of milk or juice. 
  2. Along with dates, eat dry fruits and sprouted lentil salad as it helps boost energy and reduce dehydration in the body. 
  3. You can eat oats with milk comfortably in the morning; it also keeps your stomach full for a long time. 
  4. Also, besides juicy things, milk and dry fruits are considered best for 'sehri'.

What not to eat in 'sehri'?

  1. Do not eat spicy food, i.e. food with chillies or fried in ghee. Eating such foods at the time of sehri will make you feel thirsty and cause a burning stomach throughout the day.
  2. Do not consume unseasonal fruits and vegetables during sehri as doing so can also make you sick.
  3. If you are drinking milk, then be careful with its combination. For example, combining it with citrus or salty foods can upset the stomach.
  4. Do not eat fried as it will cause excess thirst making your throat extremely dry.
  5. Avoid going in the sun during fasting and talk less as it also makes you thirsty.