Ramadan 2024: 7 Khajoor-Based Dishes For Iftar Dates
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Dates are healthy and luscious tropical fruits that are used extensively in the dessert industry. They have a naturally sweet and nutty taste and are also considered a healthier alternative to unhealthy desserts available in the market. Being high in fibre and antioxidants, they can also provide instant energy to the body and support its well-being. Khajoor or dates are an important part of Iftari everyday during the Ramadaan month. 

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This year Ramadan will be observed from 10th March,2024 to 9th April, 2024. Dates are an energy-giving fruit that is sweet and yet extremely fibrous. Although dates are a scrumptious snack on their own, there are a lot of ways to further enhance the flavour of dates and make delicious desserts or dishes out of them. Eating dates everyday can be boring so here are seven recipes to transform regular dates into something delicious and extraordinary.

* Peanut Butter Stuffed Dates

Peanut Butter Stuffed dates are a staple dessert for people who want to eat something delicious and yet keep it healthy. This dessert is extremely easy to make yet it tastes like something exotic and expensive. To make this dessert, one has to simply cut the date in half and take the seed out of it. Now the date must be filled with some peanut butter, shredded coconut, and dry fruits on the top. The peanut butter-stuffed dates are ready to be served. 

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* Almond Date Smoothie 

Smoothie bowl that is made from dates and almonds is another healthy and delicious way of having fruits. This smoothie bowl can be consumed just before the onset of the fast. The smoothie bowl is customisable so one can choose whatever they want to put in. It can be made with some milk, yoghurt, fruits, oats, and a lot of dates. One doesn't have to add any extra sugar as dates are quite sweet on their own.

* Date Dip

Date dip is a very unique dip that can be paired with a variety of fried snacks. Eating normal ketchup or dip is boring and it's also quite unhealthy. So, one can use a lot of sweet dates to make a catchy part of it. To make the dip one must simply take some tomatoes and boil them properly. After boiling these tomatoes, their outer skin must be peeled out. In a large pot, you need to heat some olive oil and sauté onions. The dates and tomatoes must be added to the pot. These ingredients must be heated on a medium flame for 15 to 20 minutes. One can add different ingredients like salt, pepper, ginger and garlic, and some other spices that they like. The final touch is to add some vinegar.

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* Date Cookies

These are no-bake date cookies that can be easily made at home. It is the perfect recipe for someone who doesn't want to cook a lot to make something special. One must simply take some dates and then grind them in a blender. Now some ground oats must be mixed with the blended dates. One can also chop some nuts and add them to the cookie mixture. The blended mixture must be made in the shape of small circular cookies and left in the refrigerator to get a proper shape.

* Almond Date Milk

Almond date milk is such a great way to introduce a drink that is not only healthy but also so delicious. It is the tastiest option to break one's fast with a drink. The consistency of this drink is a bit lighter than smoothie so one doesn't feel full instantly after drinking a glass of it. Just like other dishes on the list, this one is also customisable. One must simply mix some dates, almonds, and milk in a blender. After blending it for 3 to 4 minutes, the drink will be ready.

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* White Chocolate Dates

White Chocolate Dates are perfect for people who like having some chocolaty dessert. It is a certainly sweet dessert that tastes delicious and is the perfect way to conclude one's meal. To make white chocolate dates at home, one has to simply slit a date into half and put some shredded white chocolate inside it. One can eat these white chocolate dates after melting them in the oven for 30 seconds. This becomes perfectly soft and makes the soul happy upon the first bite itself. 

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* Date Caramel Syrup 

To make caramel syrup from dates, one needs some dates that are chopped into small pieces. These dates must be cooked in coconut milk. One must add one small teaspoon of sea salt and 1 tablespoon of unsweetened peanut butter to the mixture. After heating the mixture for 30 minutes, it will transform into a thick syrup. This caramel syrup can be used as a dip for fruits or to pour over other desserts like pancakes.