Rakul Preet Singh Beating The Summer Heat With Ice Cream
Image Credit: Instagram/Rakulpreet

Come summers, and most of us are just keen on gulping down plenty of ice creams and gelatos to stay cool and comfy. Ice creams, especially, are quite the treat for the heart, soul and tummy—and Rakul Preet Singh is proving just that with her recent Instagram post. The actress, who is holidaying in the Maldives and giving people fashion goals, posted a stunning picture of herself enjoying an ice cream.  

“Ice cream you scream,” says Rakul Preet Singh in her Instagram post. The ice cream she is so adoring seems to be a flavoured one served on a waffle cone. The Chhatriwali actress, who is seen dressed in a blue swimsuit, denim shorts, loose shirt, a wide-brimmed sun hat and sunglasses, looks ready to beat the heat the right way—and of course, the ice cream just completes the picture. 

For those who don’t know, Maldives houses plenty of ice cream and gelato places that are favourites among local foodies and tourists alike—and most are located on the beaches. Rakul Preet Singh’s ice cream outing is clearly to one of those amazing places that serve cold treats during the long, tropical summers. Of course, Rakul Preet Singh is known to be an advocate of a healthy diet and active lifestyle. The very fact that she is enjoying an ice cream this indulgent proves that Rakul Preet Singh is in full holiday mode. 

But this does not mean that Rakul Preet Singh isn’t a foodie. Her philosophy, as she has revealed before, is to indulge in healthy yet delicious meals. The actress, therefore, enjoys her food and loves to share all about her meals on Instagram as well. Recently, Rakul Preet Singh was seen enjoying a seafood platter and she also relished the season’s best mangoes in the form of an avocado-mango salad.