Ice cream, the milky goodness that can cure all aches and ailments. And there’s so little we know about this tantalising, mouth-watering treat. With the summer coming to an end, this might be our last bid to truly appreciate this sinful dessert in all its glory. 

We dedicate this article to the different types of ice cream out in the world that are just too delicious to not write about. I mean who knew you could do so much with the simple combination of milk, sugar, eggs, and cream. The world of ice cream awaits.

The “Basic” Ice Cream

Yes, the first kind of variety is ice cream itself. It is sweet and vanilla contains at least 10% milk fat. The batter of traditional ice cream is made of 50% air.

Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi ice cream is a special type of ice cream made from confection and Japanese mochi which has ice cream filling on the inside. It is small, round and soft with brightly coloured interiors and vanilla ice cream on the inside. This is a Japanese twist on regular ice cream.


Often thought of as cream, Gelato is a type of frozen dessert. With a base of sugar and milk, it has a limit of 4% milk fat to give it that 'wet' taste. It’s also healthier than other ice creams because of the low butter and milk fat content.

Frozen Yogurt

Made from frozen milk and non-milk products, frozen yoghurt or fro yo contains the same five ingredients as ice cream with the addition of live cultures.


Sorbet also known as “Italian ice” is a fun frozen dessert great for the heat of the summer season. It contains sugar-sweetened water with food colouring from real or imitation fruit essences.


Similar to sorbet, sherbet is also a fruit-based frozen dessert but in addition, also uses dairy as an ingredient.