Rakul Preet Makes A Foodie Confession, Wonder What It Is?
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, Rakul Preet enjoys her time in Ladakh.

It is hard to believe someone when they say that they are die-hard foodies when they look so fit and healthy. That’s the case with Rakul Preet Singh too. The actress has always talked about how she loves ghar ka khana and enjoys eating simple, home-cooked food. She was on her promotions for her latest release, Runway 34 opposite Ajay Devgn. The actress began her career as a model and went on to do films in the South. She debuted her way into the Hindi film industry with Yaariyan. Her acting skills and performance has been praised in all of her work till date. What’s more loved is her bubbly and chirpy nature. Also, her foodie instincts are so on point that we really enjoy watching her. 

The De De Pyaar De actress was in Delhi to promote her new film and we saw her relishing Dilli ka khana with her co-star Ajay Devgn. Another time, we saw her gorging on some sweet “see food”. And currently she’s in Ladakh shooting for an upcoming project. How could she miss out on the Ladakhi specialties there, after all? She posted a story thanking a restaurant called Ladakhi Sarai for their amazing food and hospitality. Next, we saw that she posted a picture of herself on her feed against a beautiful backdrop of mountains. She was seen feasting on a bowl of dumplings with a soupy curry while posing for the camera with her fork and knife. It was her caption that made us laugh and enjoy. 

She posted the picture saying,“Dear Foooood! What would I do without you? #confessionofafoodie”and we find it really adorable. The foodie finally confessed her feelings for the thing she loves the most and it was so cute. Here’s what we are talking about. 

Source: Rakulpreet/Instagram 

While Rakul Preet enjoys her vacation in Leh, Ladakh, here are some authentic recipes from the region that you can try at home. 

1.  Thenthuk 

Are you a sucker for noodles like us? Fret not, we have this delicious noodle bowl waiting for you. These carefully- processed handmade noodles are made from all-purpose flour and filled with vegetables like bokchoy, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, soy sauce and salt. Cooked in sesame oil, these veg noodles are a Tibetan specialty that are commonly found in Ladakh. 

2.  Tingmo 

A soft, fluffy bun that is best eaten with a curry, tingmo is the staple Tibetan bread. The white bread is entagled into loops and finally put together into a steamed bun, which when dipped in hot gravy or a creamy curry, tastes utterly delightful. It is usually a part of dishes like Ema datchi and Sha datchi. 

3.  Thukpa 

A meat-broth based noodle soup, thukpa is a quintessential Tibetan dish. The wholesome bowl serves as a perfect meal for one. Filled with vegetables and noodles cooked together in the chicken or meat broth, the other ingredients get infused with the flavours of the meat. This is a rich dish, with lots of nutrition in store.