Rakul Preet Launches Millet Restaurant Arambam In Hyderabad
Image Credit: Rakul Preet/ Instagram, Arambam/ Insatgram

Every Rakul Preet fan knows that she is a foodie, but she is also conscious about what she eats. She is often seen promoting healthy eating on her Instagram handle (@rakulpreet). The actor said in a recent interview that she is a big fan of sweet potato and delicacies made with it. Moreover, she urges people to eat more millet. With the aim to introduce more people to millet-based delicacies, the actor has opened a one-of-a-kind millet restaurant, Arambam, in Hyderabad.

In a video posted on the official Instagram page of the restaurant, Rakul Preet was quoted saying, “Our main agenda is people should not think it [millets] is not available. Many people wonder where we will get millet, and will the dishes taste the same. Therefore, we wanted to make millet-based dishes accessible.”

Over the years, the Government of India has also promoted millet, not just because India is among the leading producers of a variety of millet but because these grains have ample benefits for your health. One of the most important advantages is they are gluten-free. 

Arambam Menu

Located in Madhapur, Hyderabad, Arambam is a South Indian restaurant. It boasts blue-hued walls and a decorative hanging that acquaints people with a variety of millet. In another frame, one can witness a message from Rakul Preet about the benefits of incorporating millet into your diet. 

A customer can order idli, dosa, tiffin, lunch, sweets, and beverages. Their menu is not flooded with hundreds of options to confuse a person. It is quite straightforward and includes delicacies the way Indians have been eating for ages.

Apart from plain idli, you can order millet or ragi idli. Similarly, the menu has millet dosa, ragi dosa, plain dosa, 2 in 1 millet dosa, and a few other options. Under the tiffin section, a person gets millet pongal, millet ghee karam podi idli, poori, millet ponganalu, etc. 

Image Courtesy: Arambam/ Instagram

The lunch section of the menu flaunts parotta kurma, multigrain roti with kurma, combo rice, millet vegetable khichdi, curd rice, flavour rice, and sambar rice. As you explore the beverages menu, you will find a variety of options for tea, including ginger tea, elaichi tea, and lemon tea. They also have ragi malt, buttermilk, coffee, and lemonade. The restaurant is serving only two sweets - millet kheer and pot junnu. 

Though the restaurant was founded by Rakul Preet, no dish on the menu costs more than Rs 250. People can eat delicious and healthy meals without spending a hefty amount, which is what the actor had envisioned. It isn’t a high-end restaurant but one where the people of Hyderabad can feel at home.