Rakul Preet's Clean Diet Contains Chicken, Tori, Sweet Potato

In one of her recent stories, actor Rakul Preet shared a glimpse of her plate that had only three ingredients - chicken, tori, and sweet potato. It was day four of savouring clean food. Yes, you read that right. Rakul Preet is on a diet and enjoys dishes cooked with simplicity. A few days back, the actor posted another story on Instagram, captioning it “back to basic”, in which she showcased her plate comprising jowar roti, green moong dal, eggs for protein, and leafy vegetables. 

Video Credit: Rakul Preet/ YouTube

It’s a no-brainer that the secret to Rakul Preet’s fitness is healthy food. She follows a balanced diet comprising fibre, carbohydrates, protein, and green vegetables. She has often been vocal about her diet in the past, and in one of the interviews with a news portal, the actor emphasised that healthy food does not mean eating salads. What is clean food that the 33-year-old actor is currently gorging on and promoting on her social media handles? 

Benefits Of Chicken, Tori, And Sweet Potato

The ingredients on Rakul Preet’s plate have multiple benefits for health. Here is a look at how three foods can help you stay fit,

Chicken: It is a source of protein that promotes heart health, builds muscles, and helps with weight loss. It can boost immunity and help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Tori: Turai or tori, also known as snake gourd, is a green vegetable that contains vitamin A, which is good for your eyesight. It helps to watch your weight, improves gut health, and keeps the heart healthy by controlling blood sugar levels. 

Sweet Potato: If you are looking for a healthy alternative to regular potatoes, sweet potato is the answer. It improves the digestive system, boosts immunity, and helps to manage diabetes.

What Is Clean Food?

According to an article published in Medical News Today, clean food or clean eating refers to avoiding processed and refined foods that might contain preservatives, artificial ingredients, and additives. The entire goal of this kind of diet is to eat natural and whole foods that have many health benefits apart from glowing skin, elevated energy levels, and weight loss. 

However, the article clarified that eating clean food does not mean that any items that contain preservatives or additives are bad for your health. For example, milk can contain vitamin D additives but it is good for the health of your bones. Similarly, iron supplements, which are essential for the body, are added to orange juice. Therefore, it is all about picking the right kind of food.

What Does A Clean Food Plate Contain?

According to a study published by Harvard T.H. Chan, a plate of healthy and clean food should comprise of the following:

  • A mix of healthy oils like sunflower or olive oils instead of saturated fat or hydrogenated oils.
  • Natural protein supplements like poultry, nuts, fish, and beans rather than processed meat.
  • A mix of colourful vegetables and fruits that are not fried.
  • Drinks like coffee, tea, and water with little to no processed sugar. One must also avoid carbonated drinks and servings of milk and juice in a day.
  • Whole grain pasta, brown rice, and bread instead of refined grains like white rice.