Raksha Bandhan 2023: 10 Kitchen Tips For Edible Rakhis At Home
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Raksha Bandhan, more popularly known as Rakhi, is an Indian festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. Legend has it that Raksha Bandhan celebrations go as far back as ancient India. The Mahabharat mentions how Draupadi tied a piece of ornate cloth on Lord Krishna’s wrist when he was hurt after fighting the evil King Shishupal—in return, Lord Krishna vowed to protect Draupadi forever. In medieval times, Rani Karnavati of Mewar sent a Rakhi to Mughal Emperor Humayun when she was under attack from Bahadur Shah of Gujarat.  

So, the bond between brothers and sisters goes beyond the ties of blood and unites men and women under the banner of love and protection. To this day, brothers and sisters across India tie Rakhis on the day of Raksha Bandhan to celebrate this eternal bond. And if you are a sister gearing up for Raksha Bandhan 2023, which falls on 30 August this year, then one of the best ways to present your love for your brother is to make the Rakhis yourself. 

In fact, making edible Rakhis at home would give you the chance to create a delicious treat for your brother while maintaining the key ritual of this festival. For those unaware, edible Rakhis are those made with food products that can be savoured by your brother to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan. The fact is, edible Rakhis showcase creativity, innovation and serve the dual purpose of celebrating the sibling bond with a delightful treat.  

What’s more, edible Rakhis are incredibly customized, which gives you the chance to add elements that your brother loves anyways. Not limited by the constraints of age, edible Rakhis can be created to celebrate the bond of Raksha Bandhan by siblings of all ages. Making edible Rakhis is also quite the trend now, especially keeping gifting in mind, so creating some at home is a great way to present your love and sibling bond. 

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Gearing up to make some edible Rakhis at home to celebrate Raksha Bandhan? Here are some tips that can come in handy. 

1. Choose Edible Elements 

Select easily usable edible elements like sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, etc based on your brother’s preferences. You can go with naturally round or diamond-shaped elements to ease the process, like barfis, laddoos and cookies. You can also make your own elements if you are a dab hand at making sweets or cookies. 

2. Gather Supplies 

Nowadays, there is everything from colour to glitter available in edible form, so you would be easily spoiled for choice. However, it is important to gather all the supplies you need, from edible glitter and sweets to edible glue and ribbons well before you start to avoid last-minute scrambling for stuff. Keep the basics like scissors at hand and buy extra of some things to make sure you have plenty of supplies. 

3. Plan Your Design 

Keeping a central food item in mind is good, but the rest of the Rakhi should be designed. Remember, an edible Rakhi is not just a work of art but also food science. You have to pick elements that have the same expiry date, can be stored together until the day of Raksha Bandhan, and that the weight of the finished product is manageable by your brother. 

4. Make A Strong Base 

A strong thread or ribbon for an edible Rakhi is essential because without it you simply won’t have the support the food items need. For example, if your thread is too thin and you are sticking too many edible items on it, the Rakhi may slip off or the food item may break. So, choose a strong ribbon, or make one with a strong weave using threads and ribbons. 

5. Focus On Safe Securing 

Sticking all the edible elements together on the ribbons is the most vital part. In case you don’t have edible glue or want to go with more organic elements, then use molten chocolate or icing to secure the Rakhis attachments safely. If your edible Rakhi is savoury, try a mix of besan and water to make a thick paste that secures things while drying out. 

6. Mind The Allergy 

While making edible Rakhis, it is very important to keep your brother’s safety and wellbeing in mind. So, if your brother has any food allergies, make sure none of the elements he is allergic to are added on the edible Rakhi, even for the sake of beauty. If accidentally consumed, these edible items can cause severe allergic reactions, so be mindful of this. 

7. Add Cultural Symbols 

Adding some cultural symbols to your edible Rakhi can be a great way to merge a new and fashionable trend with traditional symbols linked to a festival like Raksha Bandhan. So, if you are handy with a brush, then make symbols like Om, Swastika or a small Ganesha on your Rakhi. You can also make barfi or sandesh in the shape of a Swastika or Om to attach to the ribbon. 

8. Personalize The Message 

Is there any better way to celebrate Rakhi than by sharing a message of love and everlasting sibling bonding through your edible Rakhi? You can easily use a barfi mix or sandesh base to write out your message and stick it on the ribbon, or you could use icing on a cookie base to do the same. From writing your brother’s name to simply writing “Forever Together”, you can choose any message you want. 

9. Be Patient 

The truth is, nobody makes edible Rakhis every day. Making them once a year means that you simply don’t have a practiced hand, so patience is the key here. Practice on paper a few times if you are using edible paints so that your hand steadies out. This is also the reason why getting extra supplies can come in handy, especially if you have intricate designs in mind. 

10. Keep It Fresh 

Rakhis made with fruits and perishable sweets made with milk have a shorter lifespan compared to cookies and breads. Similarly, chocolate can melt in the heat or get disfigured easily at room temperature. So, keeping your edible Rakhi fresh and, well, edible on the day of Raksha Bandhan is critical. So, make the edible Rakhis a day ahead of Raksha Bandhan and store them in airtight containers in a cool and dry place or the refrigerator.