Rajasthani Lunch: Try This Veggie-Loaded Jaipuri Recipe Today
Image Credit: Sabz Jaipuri

When one thinks of Rajasthan, the mind usually wanders around dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi and other classic dishes. Rajasthani cuisine is a great mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights. While gatte ki sabzi is a veg delight, the meaty fare comprises laal maas, junglee maas, and more. However, some dishes can be slightly elaborate and time-consuming, and you may not want to make them on lazy days.

For such laidback days, one can opt for Sabz Jaipuri. Haven’t heard of it before? This is a quick and simple mix of a variety of vegetables, cooked together in an onion and tomato gravy. While not much is known about the origins of the dish, it is said that it belongs to the city of Jaipur and hence called Sabz Jaipuri, with ‘sabz’ being the Hindi word for vegetables.

Now, one may ask what is so special about this mixed veg curry, particularly? Well, the charm lies in the Rajasthani spice paste that is added to the vegetables. It is a coarse paste, made of coriander seeds, cashew nuts, and green chillies. The paste is then added to the gravy to lend it flavour and richness. Vegetables - like peas, potatoes, bell peppers, carrots, cauliflower, beans, as well as paneer - are added to the thick tomato and onion curry. The highlight is the garnish of urad dal papad that is crushed and sprinkled over the curry.

Here’s the recipe for Sabz Jaipuri that you can try at home.  


    2 diced potatoes  

    1 green cauliflower  

    1 red cauliflower  

    4 tomatoes  

    4 onions  

    1 packet paneer  

    1 cup peas  

    Coriander seeds  

    4-5 green chillies  

    7-8 cashew nuts  

    Salt, to taste  


    Start by preparing the spice mixture and add coriander seeds to a grinder. 

    Next, add chopped green chillies and cashew nuts to the jar and grind it well. 

    Once you get a thick and coarse paste, keep it aside.  

    Take a pan and caramelise onions in oil.  

    Prepare a thick tomato and onion paste for the gravy.  

    Once that is done, chop all your vegetables and boil them.  

    In a pan, add the coarse spice mix and toss them in oil.  

    Next, add the vegetables and mix it well.  

    Finally, dunk in the tomato-onion paste and add some water.  

    Cover the lid and let it cook for some time.  

    Serve hot with a garnish of urad dal papad pieces and pair with roti.