Ragi, the wonder millet that had been long forgotten in the race of processed food, is making a grand comeback in the urban markets and grocery stores as super food. There are numerous health benefits of this millet and it is now catching the attention of food enthusiasts and dietitians alike. But in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, a staple dish called Ragi Mudde never went out of favour. This very popular ball shaped dish has been a part of authentic Kannada cuisine for the longest time and is a comfort dish for many.

Ragi Mudde or Ragi Laddoo is most commonly eaten in Central Karnataka and is very unique in the way that it is meant to be consumed. Instead of chewing, you are supposed to swallow the Mudde! The dish does not have a taste of its own and like rice or chapati, it is eaten with a side of any curry or gravy. One of the most popular dishes served with Ragi Mudde is Bassaru, which is a spicy varient of rassam. While it can also be eaten with curd or sambar, having mudde with a spicy bowl of Mutton Saru has its own sweet joy.

Ragi Mudde is served with Bassaru | Image - Instagram @foodie-brahamana

 The rural, farmer communities of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu eat Ragi Mudde as a regular staple. A bite sized piece of the Mudde is eaten along with Bassaru and that makes up the favourite diet of farmers of Karnataka. Although the foodscape of Karnataka has tremendously changed in the past decades and more urbanized food items like chapati have replaced the traditional akki roti, Ragi mudde has always had its own unique place in the cuisine. One entire Ragi Mudde is enough to fill a starving stomach and that is the reason that farmers in villages and workers in towns continue to have it for lunch. The districts where you can find Ragi Mudde being served at eateries in Karnataka are Hasana and Chikmaglur.

The process to make Ragi Mudde is more of a technique rather than being a recipe. It requires only two ingredients, ragiflour and hot water. Optionally, rice flour and ghee are also added, but adding the former makes it a diluted recipe that is also eaten in parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Making Ragi Mudde is personal to family units and often, every family has a different technique and proportion to make the dish according to their preference. Let us look at the basic steps to be followed to make Ragi Mudde at your home.


  • 1 cup ragi flour
  • 2 cups hot water
  • 1 tablespoon ghee
  • Salt, according to taste


1. Heat the water in a saucepan with salt and bring it to a boil.

2. After the water starts boiling, add half the ragi flour in it and stir continuously so as to prevent the mixture from having lumps. 

3. Reduce the flame and slowly add the remaining ragi flour.

4. Keep stirring it till the mixture thickens and forms a semi-solid consistency.

5. Now, add the ghee to it and keep stirring till you see a shine in the mixture. It takes 8-10 minutes for the shine to appear.

6. Remove the vessel from the flame and pour small quantities into small bowls to make the mudde.

7. Ragi mudde can only be made while the mixture is still hot, so use a spoon to make them into balls, so as to not burn your palms.

8. Serve your ragi mudde hot, with a bowl of Mutton Saru.

Ragi Mudde has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular lunch dish in Karnataka. It is nutritious, healthy and very filling. Try it the next time you visit the state or make your own Ragi Mudde in the comfort of your kitchen, following our recipe.