Quick And Easy Bengali-Style Summer Drinks For The Tired Soul
Image Credit: Bengali beverages that can instantly rejuvenate the tired soul.

Summer is almost here. To save yourself from the scorching heat what we need the most is a glass of refreshing beverage. Keeping yourself cool and hydrated is important to sail through the warm months without falling sick. Bengali mothers are known for their tricks to keep their families cool under the hot sun. In fact, it is the special charm of Kolkata summers when you can get to savour some of the most delightful drinks. Here are some super-quick Bengali beverages that can instantly rejuvenate the tired soul.

Gondhoraj Lebur Sarbat: Gondhoraj lebu - a lime known for its heady fragrance - is a speciality of Bengal and when you make lemonade with this lime, it is sure to act as a magic potion that instantly uplifts your soul. The drink is super quick to prepare. All you need is a gondhoraj lebu and sugar. In a tall glass, pour three teaspoons of sugar and stir it well to mix it; then, add one slice of the gondhoraj lebu and soak it in the water for a few minutes. Add some crushed ice to it and your drink is ready to be served.

Aam Panna: Aam or mango panna is yet another Bong favourite. Prepared with raw mango and sugar along with water and ice, this is not only a great drink for your parched soul, but also known for its cooling properties that keep you satiated and hydrated in the heat. One glass of aam panna at the end of a tiring day is like getting a new lease of life.

Bel Panna: A frosty glass of bel panna is all you would want to have after a tiresome summer day. This is made with the bael fruit or Bengal quince, which is another stomach soother and is delicious when made into a thick juice. You can mix it with milk or yoghurt, according to your choice. Make sure to scoop out the entire pulp of the bel, mash it and squeeze the remaining fibre through a strainer to get as much pulp as possible. Blend it with milk or yoghurt and water to make a thick, appetiser that not only quenches your thirst but makes your tummy cool from inside.

Ghol: This a thinner variant of lassi and a sweeter variant of buttermilk. It is superbly delicious and appetising as a summer drink. Made using yoghurt, water, sugar and a pinch of black salt or ‘beet noon’ as they call it in Bengali, ghol is a must-have drink when you come back home after a long day under the summer sun. The subtle taste of black salt makes it a wee bit different and unique in taste than its other yoghurt variants.

Now that you know these super-quick methods of cooling your stomach, you can just treat your dear ones to any of these and see them get pepped up immediately.

*Satarupa B Kaur has been writing professionally for a decade. Always on the go, she loves to travel, read books and enjoy playtime with her toddler, as she explores new places and food.