15 Must Try Pure Veg Restaurants In Connaught Place
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Connaught place is the core of diverse restaurants that speak of enrichment and delicacy for foodies worldwide; veggies are no exception. Numerous restaurants are specifically established to please pure vegetarians from around the world. If you are a vegetarian and you’re looking for a delicious breakfast or going for a lunch date, and if you’re thinking about a family dinner, here is the list of the best restaurants in Connaught place where immense varieties of foods are served.

Here are the 15 must-try pure vegetarian restaurants in Connaught Place:

1. Dasaprakash 

Since 1920, Dasaprakash has been serving its authentic Udupi food to the world and is known as the pioneer in the same. They are so experienced that now they know how to satisfy the palates of their guests. This South Indian, pure-vegetarian restaurant also serves several North Indian and Continental dishes. If we talk about its ambience, then it is a very cozy and warm place when you can take your family. Here, you can try their best-selling South Indian Platter and Gulab Jamun.  

USP Dishes: Dasaprakash Special Dosa and Kerala Appam With Kurma 

Timings: 8.00am-11.00 pm 

Address:- H 36, Block H, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001 

How to reach: Located near Rajiv Chowk Metro Station 

Cost for two: Rs. 700 

2. Saravana Bhavan

Next on the list is Saravana Bhavan, another restaurant best known for its traditionality and simplicity, inspired by the south Indian dishes that are in demand among pure vegetarians. As per the locals, it is worth waiting restaurant that serves varieties of south Indian dishes. From Onion Rava Dosa to Idly and many more delicious foods that one must not miss if they visit Connaught place ever. 

Dishes to try: Kara Dosa, Rava Khichdi

Timings: 8.00 am to 11.00 pm

Address: 36-50, Connaught Circle, Block P, New Delhi, 110001

How to reach: Janpath road, 1.8 km distance from India Gate

Cost for two: Rs.700

3. Rajasthali

If you are a lover of traditional Indian food, then Rajasthali is the best place you can ever expect to fulfill your wish of tasting the most delicious Indian dishes. Here you will find all the mouth-watering upscale dining you could imagine. This restaurant is best known for its ethnic thali, decorated with varieties of sabji, roti, and the special chutney one will never want to miss. 

Dishes to try: Puran Poli, Churma

Timings: 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Address: C -26, Ground Floor, Middle Circle, 110001

How to reach: Near PVR Plaza

Cost for two: Rs. 600

4. DS Dosa Factory

Your best choice will be DS Dosa factory if you want a great place to enjoy dinner with your loved ones. Furnished with splendid lighting and elegant furniture, this restaurant presents a lavish look. Here you will experience a comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself with family or your special one. One thing you will not get here is a disappointment because you will taste India's best sambhar and too spicy masala Dosa that will make your day.

Dishes to try: Sambhar, Masala Dosa

Timings: 11.00 am to 11.00 pm

Address: T" Point of KG Marg, Old Amber, N-19, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110001

How to reach: Point KG Road, Outler Circle, Connaught Place

Cost for two: Rs. 700

5. Ranisa

Ranisa restaurant is a mixture of royalty and ethnicity, giving this place a mesmerizing look that quickly attracts people’s attention. Also, this place is definitely for you if you are a fan of folk music. Here you will get the opportunity to taste delicious royal food while enjoying live folk music. Varieties of food that come with royal ingredients, such as; Dal batti churma, which is famous among Indian food lovers, can be your favourite too. 

Dishes to try: Dal Bati Churma, Ranisa Special Dal Moong Khichdi.

Timings: 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Address: P-14/90, Connaught Circle, Block P, 110001

How to reach: Located near Shivaji stadium

Cost for two: Rs. 800

6. Jain Chawal Wale

Are you looking for a good restaurant where you can find quality food at a reasonable price? Then Jain Chawal Wale restaurant is your destiny. It is the best place for students and office-going people to get various meals at the lowest price. The restaurant staffs are pleasant, and one will get a homely feeling. An immense mixture of a friendly atmosphere and tasty, healthy food is perfectly packaged for budget-friendly people.  

Dishes to try: Shahi Paneer Chawal, Tawa Paratha

Timings: 7.00 am to 12.00 pm

Address: Block P, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

How to reach: Baba Kharak Singh Road, Connaught Place

Cost for two: Rs. 450

7. Sagar Ratna Restaurant

If you are looking for a combo pack of two cultural dishes, your hunting ends here. Yes! You hear that right. Sagar Ratna restaurant is one of the finest in Connaught, where you can taste the two cultural varieties in one place. From the north Indian thalis furnished with yummy vegetable curry to the south Indian dosa and idly and so many delicious plates are waiting for you.

Dishes to try: Mysore Masala Dosa, Dahi Vada,

Timings: 8.00 am to 11.30 pm

Address: Block-K-15 Connaught Circle, New Delhi, 110001

How to reach: Near Punjab National bank

Cost for two: Rs. 600

8. Royal restaurant

Another pure vegetarian restaurant for the veggie lovers, Connaught is the hometown of people from various background where maximum people are die-hard fan of veggies, and royal restaurants are one of those places where healthy dishes like Daal makhani is served. Not only this but panner tikka,malai kofta are also in the list. So, if you are bored with your daily food, come at least once to the Royal restaurant to taste some uniqueness. 

Dishes to try: Malai Kofta, Daal Makhni

Timings: 11.00 am to 11.00 pm

Address: Municipal Market, No.81, Connaught Cir, Connaught Lane, 110001

How to reach: 14-minute walking distance from New Delhi railway station

Cost for two: Rs.300

9. Naivedyam

All pure vegetarian restaurants are not south Indian, but this is a south Indian restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of various south Indian dishes. Fantastic flavour with good maintenance of hygiene made this place attractive to many. One of the extraordinary qualities that make its unique is the varieties that only focus on the south Indian eaters, so if you are a south Indian, this place is worth it for you. 

Dishes to try: Maysoor Masala Dosa Special, Panchtara Uttapam

Timings: 11.00 am to 11.00 pm

Address: Naivedyam, P-15/90, Block P, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110001

How to reach: Naivedyam Govind Lal Sikka Marg, near Jaypee Sidharth hotel

Cost for two: Rs.600

10. Veda restaurant

The last one is dedicated to you. Yes! You, the romantic one willing to take your special one to a dreamy place to enjoy a lavishing candlelight dinner. The Veda restaurant is one of the expensive and charismatic dining places that will make your dinner date more special than your imagination. With an elegant decoration style with music and candle, this north Indian restaurant is worth visiting for couples. 

Dishes to try: Daal Veda, Cinnamon Mojito

Timings: 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Address: Veda Restaurant, Tropical Building, H-27, 110001

How to reach: 4-minute walking distance from Rajiv chowk.

Cost for two: Rs.1,400

11. Juggernaut

If you are looking for a cultural place which serves premium-quality food with a pinch of tradition, then no place is better than Juggernaut. This place serves authentic Indian flavors to fulfil their motive to preserve over thousands of years of our culinary culture. Here, you can enjoy yourself with your family under a very traditionally decorated roof. Here, you can try their famous Rasam Papad and Onion Rava Dosa.  

USP Dishes: Appam, Degree Filter Coffee  

Timings: 06:00 am – 12:00 am 

Address: Kailash Colony Market, HS16, New Delhi, Delhi- 110048. 

How to Reach: Located in Kailash Colony Market 

Cost for two: Rs. 1,200/- 

12. Haldiram’s 

If you say that you are an Indian and have not heard the name Haldiram’s then no one is going to believe it as this restaurant chain has its presence in almost every region in the country. This pure-vegetarian eatery is known for its quick services and "Fast Platters". After shopping in Connaught Place, you can take a quick rest here and enjoy their worldwide famous Thali, chaats and Dhokla. 

USP Dishes: Raj Kachori and Special Veg Thali  

Timings: 8:00 am – 10:30 pm 

Address:  6, L Block, Connaught Cir, Block L, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001 

How to reach: Exit from gate no.3, enter L block, it is on the left 

Cost for two: Rs. 400 

13. DS Dosa Factory 

As the name suggests, DS Dosa Factory is one of the most loved and comfortable South Indian eateries. This pure-vegetarian restaurant is not only known for its authentic Mysore Masala Dosa and one of the longest Family Dosa but also for its homey and cozy seating space. This award-winning eatery provides numerous delightful meals at very affordable prices and their courteous staff can add value to your overall dining experience.  

USP Dishes : 6ft Chaandi Vark Dosa and Jinni Dosa. 

Timing: 11.00 am -11.00 pm 

Address: T" Point of KG Marg, (Old Amber Restt, N-19, Connaught Cir, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 11000 

How to reach- Located near The Shivaji Bridge station 

Cost for two: Rs. 700/-  

14. Tirumala


Tirumala is another one-of-a-kind pure-vegetarian and South Indian eatery which is known for providing authentic and traditional flavours from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. But it doesn't mean that they aren't experienced in providing dishes from different cuisines. Chinese delicacies like Chilli Paneer and Spring Rolls come under the list of their USPs. Apart from them, the dishes like Plain Dosa and Sambar are their best-selling ones.  

USP Dishes: Paper Masala Dosa, Buttermilk  

Timings: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm 

Address: N Block, 33/8, Middle Cir, opposite of Palika bazar, near My Bar Headquarters, Block N, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi- 110001. 

How to Reach: Located opposite to Palika Bazar 

Cost for two: Rs. 500/- 

15. Tewari Brothers


Since 1986, Tewari Brothers has become successful in stealing the hearts of Indians with its premium quality sweets,made of ghee. This one-of-a-kind eatery is popular for its exquisite pure-vegetarian Indian meals which include a large variety of street foods from different regions of India. Their Chole Bhature, Shahi Paneer, Pav Bhaji, and many more dishes like these come under the list of best-selling ones. This place is quite warm, hygienic and kids friendly.  

USP Dishes: Raj Kachori, Aloo Tikka 

Timings: 08:30 am – 10:30 pm 

Address: Municipal Market, 73, Connaught Cir, Connaught Lane, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi- 110001. 

How to Reach: Located in Municipal Market 

Cost for two: Rs. 400/-

Connaught place is one of the busy places of New Delhi where people from various corners come to visit or stay. If you are a tourist, paying a visit to this restaurant is truly a treat! You can adjust to staying in any place, but when it comes to your eating habit, you would like to choose the best. These restaurants take guarantee to take care of your tastes and health.