Pukhlein To Dohjem: 5 Must-try Dishes From Meghalaya
Image Credit: Ida Majaw/facebook

Each of regional cuisines in the country is unique and diverse based on the local ingredients and their method of cooking. The eating habits of the local people also depends on the weather and geographical condition of the area. Talking particularly about Northeast India, rice is a staple in that region. Poultry, pork and fish are also popular food in the northeastern cuisine. 

They are known to use minimal spices but the flavour of the food highly relies on the variety of local herbs. But Meghalaya is one of those states that has a unique cuisine because of the spicy flavour in their dishes. The cuisine of the state is mainly divided into three parts; Garo, Khasi and Jaintia. But the cuisine of Meghalaya is a lot more than momos, jadoh and bamboo shoots.  

Here are five dishes from the state that you must try, if planning to visit Meghalaya: 

1. Pukhlein

Pukhlein is one of the favourite snacks in the state of Meghalaya. Made with rice flour, cane sugar and refined oil, this traditional bread is sweet in taste and fluffy in texture. It is super easy to prepare and can be paired with any kind of side dish. This scrumptious bread can also be paired with the evening tea. 

2. Kyat 

Kyat is a kind of rice beer that is made from fermented rice. It is a popular party drink of Meghalaya that is served on any celebratory occasion. Though it is available on almost every part of the state, but Shillong is the main hub of kyat.   

3. Pumaloi 

The term pumaloi means rice in the form of powder. This dish is prepared by steaming the rice in a special pot called khiew ranei. It goes well for all kinds of meal i.e., breakfast, lunch or dinner. Stuffed with grated coconut, pumaloi is best served with pork or chicken dishes. This delicacy is a part of Khasi tribe.

4. Putharo And Dohjem 

Putharo and dohjem is a popular combination in the state of Meghalaya. Putharo is a steamed rice cake that is made with coconut and jaggery while dohjem is a pork curry that is cooked with spices like black pepper and sesame seeds. This mouth-watering pair is mostly relished during winter with a hot cup of tea. 

5. Dohkhlieh

This popular salad dish of Meghalaya is made with pork. Paired with seasonings like chopped onions and green chillies, dohkhlieh is a traditional delicacy of Khasi culture. It is said to be one of the simplest recipes of Meghalaya as dohkhlieh is just prepared by mixing the seasonings with boiled pork. The natives use pig’s head as well but the dish can also be made without it. 

It is important to explore the regional cuisines of the country as they incorporate numerous flavours and nutrients within them. Make sure you try all of them in your next visit to Meghalaya.