Dal To Paneer: 5 Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss

We know you are hitting the gym every day and trying hard to shed some extra kilos. But why isn’t it working out for you? Because you are not paying attention to your diet. Paying attention to the diet is as essential as working out. One should have a proper intake of nutrients to shed those extra kilos that you’ve put on. To help you out, we have brought 5 easy and quick Indian dishes that can help you in weight loss.  

Wanna know what these recipes are? Have a look: 

Moong Dal 

An Indian thali is incomplete without a bowl of dal. And if you are trying to lose weight, moong dal should be a part of your diet. This dal is rich in protein and so many other essential nutrients. Because of its fiber content, it can keep stomach full for a longer time and can prevent unwanted hunger pangs. If not in the form of dal, one can have it in khichdi as well as sprouted form. 

Sauted Paneer Salad 

Paneer is high in protein as well as calcium, but it has relatively low-calorie content. If you are a weightwatcher, you must include paneer in your diet. To make this weight-loss friendly paneer salad, you need to toss some paneer cubes, chopped tomatoes, onions, capsicum and basic Indian spices. You can have this salad as it is or even with a chapati. 

Video credits: Roohi's corner/YouTube

Mix Vegetable Curry 

All vegetables are packed with the goodness of essential minerals and nutrients. And if you want to get the benefits of maximum veggies, there is nothing better than a flavourful mixed vegetable curry. It is advisable to use seasonal vegetables to make this curry and add a touch of Indian spices to make a tasty and healthy treat. 

Soya Chunks Curry 

Made with the goodness of soya chunks, tomatoes, onions and an array of Indian spices, this curry could be a boon for all the weightwatchers out there. Soya nuggets are rich in protein which plays an essential role for weight loss. It also helps in building bones and because of its fiber content, it can keep unwanted hunger pangs at bay. 

Dal Khichdi 

We all know how healthy dals are, but this dal khichdi is not just healthy but perfect for lazy days too. To make this dish, all you need to mix lentils and rice together with some spices. When made with brown rice, this dal khichdi becomes healthier and perfect for your weight loss journey. Do give it a try. 

Try making these dishes and let us know what worked best for you!