Top 5 Protein-Based Snacks to Try This Summer
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If you live on your toes, you understand how difficult it is to eat a healthy diet. However, snacks are your ally when you're too preoccupied with your hectic schedule to prepare and eat nutritious meals throughout the day. Keeping nutritious snacks on hand can help you get your fill of nutrients. Proteins are necessary for you to maintain your active lifestyle. You can get your protein fix from your snacks, which you can eat whenever and wherever you want. Avoid buying snacks from store shelves because they are high in carbohydrates, sugar, and preservatives. Ms Apoorva Gururaj, Founder & CEO, Foodio.Fit shares some healthy, protein-rich snacks that you can carry and eat whenever you are hungry.

High Protein Coated Peanuts

You've never tasted anything like these coated peanuts. A perfect balance of health and flavour. It's ideal for snacking anytime, anywhere because it's high in protein and flavour. Crispy peanuts with a grainy coating and cereals with mixed seeds are seasoned to perfection to tempt your taste buds. On the go, chai ka yaar. When you're in the mood for a teatime snack, combine our high-protein peanuts with grated carrots, radish, and your favourite greens. Add finely chopped onions and capsicum to this, and you've got yourself a desi Foodio.Fit's High Protein Peanut Chaat is now available.

High Protein Namakpara

A popular savoury snack from the Indian kitchen transformed into a healthier version with a mix of ancient grains and pulses. Foodio.Fit protein-rich namakpara is a collection of delightful tiny square chips that keep you happy round the year with health and joy. Chai ka yaar on the go. So anytime you're craving a tea time munch, grab the square chips that have transformed into the Foodio.Fit namakpara. Indulge in these with healthy homemade dips, and you will forget carb-laden nachos!

High Protein Bhujia

This bhujia is made without potatoes or gram flour. This means you get to eat as many bowls full of bhujia as you wish! Foodio.Fit's high protein Bhujia makes tea time healthy and delicious, free of pesky carbs and potatoes. Try making desi bhel with our desi high protein bhujia with grated carrots, radish, greens of your choice. Add fine Chopped onions and capsicum to this, and your desi high protein bhujia Bhel is ready.

High Protein Kodubale

Traditionally made with rice flour, the multigrain Kodubale is made with healthy, ancient grains and pulses making it a powerhouse of protein and health. Chai ka yaar on the go. So whenever you're craving a tea time munch, Kodbale is our new age starter base, stuffing all the healthy ingredients you love, and our healthy desi rings will hold it for you till you savour each ring in your mouth with a burst of flavour.

High Protein Flour

If you choose high protein for a moderate-fat diet, this high protein atta is perfect for light, fluffy phulkas and bread. Yes, it also lends itself well to light-fluffy pooris! So skip the usual slices of carb-loaded toast and instead, make a high-protein breakfast quesadilla using these High protein flour and top it with your choice of fillings like black beans, cheese, scrambled eggs, spinach, turkey bacon.