Priyanka Enjoyed Falafel On Set Of Citadel, A Traditional Recipe You’d Love Too

Actress Priyanka Chopra is perhaps one of the busiest Indian actresses, but she is also renowned among her peers as a ‘multi-tasker’. Priyanka who recently embraced motherhood is also shooting back-to-back. Currently, she is filming for Citadel, a thrilling TV series where she would be starring opposite Richard Madden of the ‘Eternals’ fame. Because of her prior commitment, Priyanka could not even join husband Nick Jonas who performed with his brothers in Vegas on Saturday. She however, sent him a bottle of champagne and a cute message to cheer him up. At the sets of Citadel too, she seemed to have a power-packed day. She took to Instagram to give us a quick sneak peak of her yummy lunch. Priyanka was pleasantly surprised by the flavour of her falafels, made for her by chef Jamie, while taking a dig at the food that is generally provided on film/ TV sets. “Set lunches are not supposed to be so pretty. Thank you for going the extra mile for me”, she wrote in her caption. Priyanka Chopra is a self-confessed foodie, therefore, her excitement on finding good food on sets, is understandable.  

The falafel was placed on a bed of what seemed like hummus, we also saw some pretty flowers that made the whole plate come alive.  

For the uninitiated, falafel is a popular middle-eastern snack that is mostly vegetarian.  It can be called a deep-fried fritter or patty that is made with ground chickpeas or broadbeans or both. Of course, it can be spruced up in many ways, beetroot falafel, rajma falafels are some fine recipes you can find on Slurrp itself.  Falafel is usually served with pita bread or hummus. It is also one of the popular items on a Mezze Platter. Mezze is another word for ‘cold’, the snacks assorted in this platter are usually the ones you can have cold (room temperature). And since falafel is something you can have piping hot or cold, it makes for a value addition to a typical Mezze platter.

Another popular way of having falafel is by tucking it inside pita bread and topping it with sauces, smears, pickled veggies and hummus. This is called a falafel sandwich or simply falafel. This sandwich is a rage across the world, and you can find it easily even beyond the middle-east. A couple of days ago, a falafel shop in France, made actor Shahid Kapoor break into a jig.  

As we said, there are many ways of making falafel, but nothing quite beats the charm of the original. So here’s an old-school falafel recipe that we fetched for you. Try it soon and let us know how you liked it. It comes with goodness of chickpeas, olive oil and more, making it super healthy too.