Priyanka Chopra’s Mexican Binge Is Too Relatable
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most loved celebrities in the industry. She has won accolades in India and has also become a notable name in Hollywood. Despite being a super busy actor, Priyanka - who recently welcomed her first child with husband, singer-songwriter Nick Jonas - makes sure to spend quality time with her family and friends. 

And if Nick is performing, Priyanka never misses the chance to cheer for him from the audience. In fact, she is currently in Mexico City with Nick, as the Jonas Brothers’ Remember This Tour kicks off. And she has been updating her massive fan following on Instagram about the same.  

A regular social media user, PeeCee keeps her followers updated with her daily routine, especially about her food shenanigans, and we love it to bits. While kicking off the trip with the Jonas Brothers in Mexico, Priyanka once again shared tidbits from the day. In the picture she shared on Instagram, we were simply eyeing her snack. There were a couple of packets of crunchy chips that she was bingeing on while on her way to Mexico and she shared an interesting thought. 

“When going to Mexico, eat Mexican snacks, @jonasbrothers in Mexico City tonight!”, Priyanka wrote on the picture that had a packet of Rancheritos, which is a Mexican-style corn chips snack packed with chilli and spices. We could also spot a packet of Cheetos, another much-loved corn-puff cheesy treat, which took us back to our childhood days, when we would binge on the spicy and cheesy flavours of Cheetos. Take a look at what Priyanka posted: 

Well, we can’t help but agree with PeeCee - there can’t be a better snack to binge on while visiting Mexico. But you know Mexican cuisine also offers a whole lot of delectable dishes to binge on? From wholesome burritos to spicy tacos and flavorful quesadillas, there’s way too much on the Mexican menu than you can imagine. Wondering how you can binge on it? We’ve got some easy and yummy Mexican recipes for you to try. Click here for some drool-worthy Mexican treats to try at home, and share your thoughts on the same.