Priyanka Chopra Is Having The ‘Taste Of Home’

Living in the country or abroad, Indians always love to stay connected to their roots - especially when it comes to the Indian culture, traditions, and of course, food. We may love gorging on those burgers, risottos, and ice cream, but after a point, we go back to our love for dal-chawal, khichdi, sabzis, and curries. And this is not just about lunch and dinner, even for snacking and munching we cannot keep bingeing on a pack of chips. Our crispy local namkeens and baked goods are always enticing. While in the case of actor Priyanka Chopra, she got a pack of goodies sent to her with love from India.  

The global icon - who now lives in Los Angeles with husband, singer-songwriter Nick Jonas, and daughter Malti Marie - is a true-blue foodie at heart, and she loves Indian food. So much so that she has also opened a restaurant in New York inspired by Indian cuisine. Well, no points for guessing that she might be gorging on homemade food in the US too. But what about all those crispy snacks and tidbits? Those iconic local namkeen shops or mithai walas wouldn’t be available in the US. But thanks to producer Boney Kapoor and daughter Khushi Kapoor, PeeCee can gorge on these there too.  

Priyanka took to her Instagram stories to share a picture of multiple packets of namkeens, poha, chivda, khakhra and more, and thanked the father-daughter for getting it to her. ‘Thanks you @boney.kapoor and @khushi05k for a taste of home! So kind!’ Priyanka wrote alongside the picture. We could spot several Indian delicacies like khakhra, poha, namkeen and bhujia in the picture. And it seems like PeeCee couldn’t wait as we could see a type of namkeen already poured into a bowl, ready to be noshed. Take a look: 

Boney also shared the picture. Isn’t the gesture too adorable? Speaking of khakhra, we are craving some Gujarati snacks already. Do you know there is a lot beyond just khakhra when it comes to Gujarati snacks. Here are three Gujarati snacks you must try. 

1. Khichu 

Derived from the supple nature of the dough, the word khichu refers to ‘khinch’, which means to pull. While the word refers to the rice flour dough that is used for making papad, khichu can also be eaten as a snack. Made by preparing a rice flour batter along with water and spices, khichu is steamed and served with coriander, chilli powder and oil. 

2. Gathiya 

Gathiya is one snack that is loved across age groups. A deep-fried snack made with chickpea flour, gathiya is often enjoyed with tea. Unlike other fried snacks that are crunchy, gathiya is tender and puffy. It is available throughout Gujarat in both sweet as well as savoury versions.  

3. Dabeli 

This salt and spicy snack has its origins in Kutch, and it literally translates to ‘pressed’. Dabeli uses pav buns and a mashed potato filling spiced with chilli powder, turmeric powder and coriander,and is topped with peanuts, pomegranate seeds, sev and tangy chutneys.  

So which of these Gujarati snacks are you going to try next?