Pranyaj to Mamra, Know of These 10 Almond Varieties of India?

Almonds, sometimes called the King of Nuts, are a nutrient powerhouse in addition to being a crispy and delightful snack. As far as health benefits go, these tiny marvels pack quite a punch. For generations, Indians have prized almonds for their delicious flavour and purported health benefits. As we explore the world of almonds, it's important that we not only be familiar with the many health benefits they provide, but also with the many varieties of almonds grown in India the best ways to buy these nutrient-rich gems. 

India is home to many kinds of almonds, each with its own taste and texture. Here we have listed some of the most common types of almonds in the country.  

California Almonds 

You can get many different kinds of almonds in India, but these are among the most prevalent. Almonds from California are commonly found in Indian marketplaces because to its vast availability and renowned uniform size, silky texture, and mild, sweet flavour. Due of their adaptability, they are frequently utilised in many different dishes. 

Pranyaj Almonds  

These are medium-sized with a flat to bulging shape. They feature thin shells, distinguished by a darker tone in comparison to other almond varieties. These almonds offer a delightful crunch and a robust flavor, making them a popular choice for both snacking and culinary purposes.  

Gurbandhi Almonds 

Gurbandi, also known as Chota Giri, is a distinct almond variety available in India. This almond type is relatively pricier than California almonds due to its higher oil content. However, the increased oil content contributes to a slightly bitter taste compared to California almonds. Gurbandi almonds are primarily produced in Afghanistan and northern Indian regions, particularly Jammu and Kashmir. These almonds are smaller, darker, and offer a rich and intense flavor, making them a favored option for both snacking and culinary uses. 

Mamra Almonds 

Mamra almonds, also referred to as Iranian Mamra almonds, represent the most luxurious among almond varieties. They boast the highest oil content, along with a wealth of antioxidants and minerals. However, like Gurbandi almonds, Mamra almonds have a bitter taste. These almonds are characterized by their small, round, and crisp nature, making them a top choice for premium snacking. With a rich, nutty flavor, Mamra almonds are typically more costly compared to other almond types. 


Badaam-e-Shirin, sweet almonds, are known for their plump, oval shape and smooth, beige skin. They are cultivated primarily for their sweetness and are commonly used in making almond milk, almond paste, and various confections. These almonds add a rich, sweet flavor and creamy texture to culinary creations, particularly in traditional Indian sweets. 

Shalimar Almonds 

Shalimar almonds are a premium variety known for their exceptional quality and taste. Originating from the picturesque valleys of Kashmir, these almonds are characterized by their plump, oval shape and smooth, light-brown skin. Shalimar almonds are renowned for their sweet and rich flavor, making them a sought-after choice for culinary preparations and traditional Indian sweets. Their unique aroma and delightful taste have earned them a special place in the world of gourmet nuts. 

Sonora Almonds 

Sonora almonds are an almond variety characterized by their long and flat shape and a thin, papery shell. These almonds are renowned for their high nutrient content, making them a valuable addition to a healthy diet, as they are believed to boost immunity. The medium to large-sized Sonora almonds typically yield elongated and light-colored kernels, and the paper-thin shell makes them easy to crack and enjoy. 

Mukhdoom Almonds 

Mukhdoom almonds are plump and light-colored almonds with semi-soft shells. They typically ripen in the mid to late season, offering kernels known for their mild taste and pleasing texture, making them a popular choice among almond varities. 

IXL Almonds 

The IXL almond is a brownish type with a softshell that is an intermediate colour. The kernels are round, plump, and of a moderate size. These almonds likely have a unique taste and texture, making them suitable for various culinary applications. 

Warsi Almonds 

Warsi almonds are a unique almond variety known for their distinctive shape. They are thick in the middle, with pointed ends, making them ideal for slicing or cutting in culinary preparations. Some consider them the widest variety globally, with an impressive breadth size of 20.42 mm. These medium-sized almonds have a characteristic bulged appearance on one side and a pointed apex, giving them a remarkable visual and textural appeal. 

How to Best Buy  

When purchasing almonds, consider several factors to ensure the best quality. Firstly, check for freshness by looking for plump, firm almonds without wrinkles or shrivelled edges. Opt for airtight, resealable packaging to maintain freshness and check for a packaging date. Store almonds in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to prevent them from turning rancid. It's wise to buy almonds in smaller quantities to ensure they remain fresh and flavorful. Lastly, consider your preferences, whether you prefer the sweetness of California almonds or the uniqueness of regional varieties, and choose accordingly.