Potato Hacks You Didn’t Know About

People of every age group love aloo. It is that one vegetable that we see overflowing in the veggie market. Our veggie shopping is just incomplete without buying potatoes. Because of their versatility and softness, potatoes can actually be used in every possible dish and can make it even more delicious.

We Indians are just obsessed with potatoes because of their availability in every nook and corner and it gets cooked in no time. But there are some cool potato hacks that can take your everyday cooking to the next level. Let us see what these hacks are: 

Peeling Potatoes 

Peeling potatoes is hard and we know that. But there is a hack for it. All you have to do is run a sharp blade around the middle of the potatoes before you put them to boiling. When the potatoes are boiled and cooled, it would be much easier for you to remove the peels. Remember the hack! 

Fixing The Over-Salty Dish 

It happens when we put more than the required amount of salt in a dish. And it's hard to fix this blunder. But if you have potatoes, you need not worry. You can add a peeled potato to the dish and take it out after some time. The potato absorbs the extra salt and fixes all your problems.  

Boiling Potatoes 

Boiling potato is a process that requires patience. But you can speed up this process also. Before putting the potatoes to boil, cut them into two pieces and then boil. This will speed up the boiling process and it will also become easier for you to remove the peels. 

Potato Chips In Less Than 3 Minutes 

In India, we have a tradition of transforming almost everything into chips. Potatoes are no exception. But you must be thinking that making potato chips could be a tedious process. But no! You can actually make potato chips in less than 3 minutes. Just cut thin slices of potatoes, sprinkle salt and black pepper on them, and place them on the parchment paper. Let it microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Your potato chips are ready. 

Alternative To Toast 

We all love butter toast but there could be a healthier version to it as well. All you have to do is cut the slices of sweet potatoes and use them in the place of bread toast. You can put toppings of your choice and enjoy. This toast would be much healthier than you can ever think.  

Apply these hacks and tricks in your everyday life and see the change. Do let us know which worked best for you.