Want To Store Curd Longer? Try These Hacks

When it comes to Indian cuisine, curd is almost ubiquitous in most foods. From marinating roasted goodies to making a humble bowl of raita, curd is used in most Indian dishes for various purposes. Hence, you are very likely to find a vessel of curd sitting in the fridge in most households. However, we often commit mistakes when it comes to storing highly perishable dairy products. So, to save you from wasting curd, here are some things you need to keep in mind. 

1. Make Sure You Don’t Cross-Contaminate 

We know you can’t resist scooping out a spoonful of curd out of the jar and digging right into it but remember that this is the worst thing you can do to spoil your entire jar of curd. It's better to scoop some curd out of the vessel into a bowl and eat. Also, to prevent the curd from getting exposed to bacteria, use a clean spoon to scoop it out. 

2. Seal It Right 

Most curd packets come with a foil cover. However, we recommend using a cover to seal the curd once you start using it. Close the curd with a lid to prevent it from getting exposed to the strong odour of the other foods in your fridge. 

3. Store It In The Right Spot In Your Fridge 

We often tend to store jars and bottles of dairy products in the fridge door. But think about this- every time you open your fridge door, you expose the foods store there to one of the hottest rooms of your house i.e. the kitchen. And needless to say, warm temperatures allow bacteria to grow and multiply at a faster rate. Hence, to save curd from getting spoiled quickly and increase its shelf life, store it at the back of your lower shelf in the fridge. 

4. Freeze 

We agree that freezing yogurt might change its texture but you can still use it for baking purposes. You can freeze it after it remains fresh for at least two weeks and mix it with some fresh fruits to make a layered cake at home. 

Do try these hacks while storing curd to increase its shelf life and let us know if they work.