Post-Workout Smoothies With A Punch Of Fruits
Image Credit: Pexels, Healthy smoothies

One Friday, I felt utterly exhausted after a hectic leg-day weight training. I needed an instant energy booster, but minus the sugar-loaded beverages. Of course, I could have walked into a juice centre and gulped down anything from the menu. But that didn't go well with my inner voice, so I chucked the idea. Instead, I took the effort to refer to a list of healthy fruit juices and smoothies and decided to make one. To my good fortune, my trainer suggested one of the favourites from the list, i.e., a watermelon smoothie with two teaspoons of soaked chia seeds. It was downright refreshing and didn't put me on a guilt trip. Thanks to no added refined sugar or sweetener.

Smoothies are a great post-workout snack alternative. When prepared in a right balance, they can give all the essential nutrients you require, just in one serving. Post-workout, it's vital to replenish fluids and electrolytes lost through perspiration. The carbohydrate that sustained your muscles during an exercise should also be replaced. Protein, which supports new tissue growth and aids in healing damaged muscle tissue, is another crucial component that smoothies offer.

Fruits-based smoothies

Here are a few post-workout beverages that can help restore your energy.

Watermelon Wonder 

It's a simple smoothie with around 2 cups of fresh watermelon slices (preferably chilled), two teaspoons of soaked chia seeds, one lemon juice and organic honey as the sweetener. Remember not to strain the watermelon chunks (if any). It will remove the fibre and nutrition from the juice. Try to chop the pieces in small sizes to help you have a smooth consistency. 

Watermelon smoothie

Nutty and Buttery Avacado 

One needn't talk about the health benefits of avocados. It has been a favourite of fitness trainers across the world. Make a green monster smoothie with a copious amount of avocado. Blend in some plat-based butter, preferably almond butter. Toss some healthy nuts and seeds and plant-based milk; your smoothie is ready. To sweeten it, you can use maple syrup. These ingredients enrich the smoothie's consistency. Nutrients in nuts, particularly calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium, improve bone health and strength.

Going Banana

After a rigorous weightlifting session, choose a higher-calorie smoothie. It will help significantly in muscle recovery. And no fruit can do it better than the humble banana. To increase the protein quotient, consider adding a teaspoon of dry roasted and grounded flax seeds. Also, add a generous amount of unsweetened peanut butter for healthy fats and protein to replenish muscles. To make it thicker in consistency, add rolled oats. Such carbs assist in restoring energy levels and offer fibre for a healthy digestive system.

Pomegranate Meets Cauliflower

Pomegranate smoothie

The name might appear misguiding, but this smoothie will keep your post-workout recovery on track. This beverage drink helps increase your antioxidant intake and aid muscle recovery. Don't be afraid to add frozen riced cauliflower. Its taste won't even be detectable. But it will give volume to this smoothie. In a blender, combine freshly pressed pomegranate juice, soy milk, Greek yoghurt, berries (according to the season), riced cauliflower, and flaxseeds. Voila! Your unique drink is ready. 

Now, you have more reasons to be consistent with your workout. These heavenly treats await you.