Welcome Season's First Jamuns With This Jamun Smoothie
Image Credit: Jamun Smoothie/ Instagram- the_world_of_flavours

Syzygium cumini is an evergreen tropical tree that is also known as Malabar plum, java plum, black plum, Jamun, or jambolan. The tree can be found all over the Indian subcontinent, as well as in many other South Asian nations such as Burma, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. The tree is revered by Buddhists in southern Asia, and it is commonly planted near Hindu temples since it is devoted to Lord Krishna. The leaves, which have a turpentine-like aroma, are pinkish when young and grow to a leathery, glossy dark green with a yellow midrib. Jamun is highly nutritious and is recommended by most doctors.

Here are some benefits of Jamun-

Improves Hb Count

Jamun is high in vitamin C and iron, both of which aid to boost haemoglobin levels. The iron in Jamun functions as a blood purifier. Higher iron levels and vitamin C levels help in the proper functioning of the body.

Helps Improving Diabetes

Jamun is beneficial for diabetics because it contains relatively few calories. Jamun may also include polyphenolic compounds that aid in the treatment of diabetes, according to the study.

Aids Digestive Health

Jamun contains diuretic qualities, which can help with digestion. This is due to the fact that it flushes toxins from your kidneys and avoids nausea and vomiting. Constipation is alleviated by fibre, which promotes digestion.

Beneficial For Oral Health

Jamun is known for its antibacterial characteristics, which can help you maintain good dental hygiene. It guards your teeth against infection and bad germs in the mouth. It may also assist in the strengthening of your gums and teeth. Jamun leaves can also be used to treat throat difficulties.

Beneficial For Eyes

This small fruit is beneficial to your eyes because it is high in vitamin C. It aids in the formation and repair of connective tissues in the body. This includes the collagen found in the corneas of the eyes. 

Prevents Infections

Jamun can help you avoid illnesses because it has antibacterial and anti-infective qualities. This fruit is high in substances that fight infections in the body, such as malic acid, gallic acid, tannins, oxalic acid, and betulinic acid.

Jamun/ Pixabay.com


Here is a quick recipe for Jamun smoothie that you can enjoy during summers-


  1. Jamun 1 cup 
  2. Yoghurt 1 cup
  3. Ice cubes 
  4. Honey 
  5. Basil Seeds


  1. Blend the seedless Jamun, yoghurt, and honey in a blender for a minute or until smooth.
  2. Add the ice cubes to the mix and blend again. If you don't want your smoothie to be too chilly, use refrigerated Jamun instead.
  3. Pour the Jamun smoothie into a glass and garnish it with some basil seeds. 


  1. You can add some berries to the smoothie for a pulpy flavour.
  2. Adding some mint leaves to the smoothie gives it an enhanced taste. 
  3. You can also add some chia seeds to the smoothie. It will increase the nutritional value.