Poori: The Many Variations Of One Of India’s Favourite Festive Breakfast
Image Credit: Source: Suchitra Jaykumar/Facebook

If we begin listing some of India’s favourite flatbread, I’m sure poori will be one of the top items. The pan-India bread has its roots in the Vedic times and is savoured on almost all occasions. No festive day in my home goes without frying the bread is a kadhai full of ghee or oil. Personally, I love relishing fluffy and hot pooris with aloo ki sabzi with halwa on the side. The combo is perfect to set the festive mood right. Not only breakfast, but pooris make a perfect snack even for long journeys as they would not spoil. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons pooris were discovered to be carried by the saints on their excursions. But have you ever come across variations of poori? Well, I know how this sounds and I was equally intrigued when I heard about them. Read on to know more. 

1. Nagori

We know Delhites are already salivating because what’s better than having Nagori Halwa for breakfast? Made with maida, sooji and ghee, Nagori is relatively crumbly and smaller than pooris. Nagori, halwa and aloo ki sabzi is a classic breakfast combo in old Delhi. 

2. Luchi 

Popular in parts of Eastern India, especially Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand, Luchi is a version of Poori that is made with all-purpose flour. It is relatively lightly fried and is made wholly with all-purpose flour. 

3. Kachori 

As weird as it sounds, Kachori is a stuffed version of poori. Popular in the Indo-Gangetic belt, kachoris are widely enjoyed with aloo sabzi. 

4. Bhatura

Chhole-Bhature lovers assemble! Bhaturas are made with all-purpose flour which is fermented with curd as a leavening agent. Bhaturas are bigger in size than pooris are widely relished with chhole in the northern parts of India. 

5. Bedmi Poori

Made with a mixture of urad dal and wheat flour, Bedmi Poori is popularly eaten in Delhi and parts of Uttar Pradesh. The bread is enjoyed with Jeera Hing Aloo Ki Sabzi. 

Did you know these versions of poori? Know or not, you must relish all of them at least once in a lifetime.