Italian cuisine has been one of our favorites ever since these two dishes, pizza, and pasta came into our lives. The discussion about Italian cuisine doesn't just end with just these two iconic foods. Italian cuisine is replete with a plethora of palatable dishes that one must try if they are crazy about Italian food. Somehow the list of the must-try Italian dishes seems to never end. Among many popular ones that must be on every Italian food lover's checklist, polenta is one dish that is worth trying.

Polenta is a creamy, delicious dish that is made up of boiled cornmeal. It is often served as hot porridge or may be cooled down and solidified into a loaf after baking, grilling, or frying. This dish was historically made from other grains rather than just cornmeal. Before the introduction of cornmeal from America in the 16th century, starchy ingredients such as chickpea, millet, and chestnut flour were used. The other varieties include yellow maize, buckwheat, and white maize. Polenta is a staple in the Northern part of Italy where it is known by more than just one name. In other countries like Romania and Moldova, the dish is popularly known as Mamaliga. Back in the days when this Italian dish originated, it was mostly consumed by people belonging to the lower classes. In the past, cornmeal mush was considered a nutrient-rich food, essential for everyone to include in their everyday diet. The dish derived its name from the Latin word ‘Pollen’ which means fine flour. Polenta is a slow-cooked dish that takes about an hour to cook but the result is worth the wait and effort. Polenta is a cornmeal mush that is prepared in a slow cooker with milk, cheese, olive oil, and sometimes with toppings of chicken or mushroom.  

Choose your own choice of ingredients and start making this dish whenever you are craving a delicious Italian meal. Tap here to check out the full recipe.