Poha To Bread Pakoda: 11 Snacks To Pair With Your Morning Chai
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For Indians, morning chai is more than just a drink; it's a beloved daily ritual that starts the day off right. Sipping the hot, spiced tea first thing in the morning helps wake up the senses and provides a comforting warmth that energises the body and mind.   

Chai time is the perfect chance to nibble on a light snack. Indians have come up with an array of tasty savoury and sweet foods that go well with chai's lavor. Pairing chai with something yummy makes the experience even more enjoyable.  


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This tasty treat is made from flattened rice that has been steamed and dried to create light, fluffy grains. These grains are then sautéed with the aromatic flavours of turmeric, onion, and peanut. With its satisfying crunch and wealth of spices, poha is the ultimate comforting breakfast. Rice provides sustained energy, while vegetables and protein make it nutritious. So next time you're looking for a fibre-rich way to start your day, give poha a try. Its dynamic flavours are sure to delight your taste buds.  


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The delicious Indian pancake called uttapam is made with just a few simple ingredients. All you need is sooji (semolina flour), besan (chickpea flour), onions, tomatoes, salt, pepper, fresh coriander leaves, carom seeds, and oil. Mix everything together, pour it into a pan, and cook until the batter sets into a tasty pancake dotted with veggies. With its mix of flavours and textures, uttapam is an easy and tasty breakfast or snack.  

Ajwain Paratha   

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Made from a simple dough of wheat flour, naan gets its delicious flavour from just a few seasonings: carom seeds, oil, salt, and pepper. These basic ingredients come together to make the soft, chewy, aromatic bread that's a staple at Indian meals. With just a quick cook in the oven or on the stove, the naan's lightly charred exterior surrounds a tender, fluffy interior. Whether dipping it in curry or using it to scoop up meat and veggies, naan is the perfect accompaniment to any Indian dish. Its warm, fresh flavour and hearty texture make this bread an essential part of Indian cuisine.  


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The yummy Gujarati snacks! It's a tasty, flaky biscuit that pairs perfectly with a hot cup of chai. Made with a soft dough of refined flour, these savoury puffs are a tea-time treat in Gujarat. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside, they're fun to dunk in your masala chai. Try this classic biscuit for a bite of Indian comfort with your next cuppa!  


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Crunch! Munch! This tasty snack is made with a few simple ingredients that come together to create something delicious. Flour and besan (chickpea flour) give it a crispy crunch when baked. Semolina adds a little nutty flavour. A dash of salt enhances the flavours. Mixed and baked into the perfect cracker shape, it's a crispy, crunchy treat that's fun to snack on!  


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This crunchy treat is a favourite snack in Gujarat. It is made from gram flour, also called besan, and fried up into a crispy delight. Dip it in chutney for extra flavour, or enjoy it on its own with a hot cup of chai. This deep-fried snack is simple yet satisfying, with a taste that will transport you to the streets of Gujarat.  


Rusk is a crunchy snack that goes great with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. These biscuits have a crispy, dry texture that makes them perfect for dunking. With just a quick dip, rusks soak up your favourite hot drink and become soft and yummy. Keep a pack handy for a satisfying crunch whenever you need a little something to munch on!  

Bun Maska  

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This classic dish is simple and yummy. You take some soft fruit buns and spread creamy butter all over them. Then you lightly toast the buns in a pan until they get a bit crispy on the outside but stay soft and warm on the inside. The sweet, fruity buns with melted butter are so tasty! They're easy to make and everyone loves them.  

Bread Butter  

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Chai and toast—a match made in heaven! Slices of bread, spread with butter or ghee, are then pan-fried to crispy, golden perfection. The rich, toasty flavours complement the spicy-sweet chai wonderfully. This classic combo is comforting yet exciting for the tastebuds. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside, the toast soaks up the chai, making every sip even more delicious. With its simple ingredients and easy preparation, chai toast is a humble yet hearty treat to enjoy any time of day.  

Khasta Kachoris   

Yum! This dish is like a fried bread ball filled with tasty lentils. It's made with simple ingredients like flour, oil, salt, and spices, all mixed together. Then the dough is stuffed with the lentil filling, shaped into balls, and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy on the outside with a soft, hearty lentil center. This savoury snack is a delicious comfort food that's easy to enjoy!  

Bread Pakoda   

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The besan pakoda is a tasty treat that's easy to make. Just take some bread slices and dip them in a spicy potato mixture coated with chickpea flour and spices. Then fry the coated bread in hot oil until golden brown. The result is a crispy, flavourful snack that's sure to satisfy your cravings!