PM Modi’s Oath Ceremony Dinner Menu Hosted By BJP Chief JP Nadda

For the third consecutive term, Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime Minister by the current Lok Sabha. On 9th June 2024, the current Lok Sabha organised a splendid ceremony for oath-taking. Post the swearing-in ceremony, JP Nadda, an MP from Himachal Pradesh, was also sworn in as a cabinet minister and hosted a lavish dinner in honour of the Prime Minister and other Lok Sabha members.

As per the reports, JP Nadda planned an elaborate menu at his residence. The menu was reported to have all the summer essentials like fresh fruit juices, shakes, mango ice cream, matka kulfi, stuffed litchi, and the essential accompaniment raita. Read on to know the full menu that was savoured by the members of the Lok Sabha.

To honour Narendra Modi, elected as the Prime Minister for the next term, a wide range of traditional dishes were served. Reportedly, the menu had Rajasthani and Punjabi cuisine as the show stoppers, along with vegan-friendly food options. The dedicated Punjabi counter was filled with aromatic traditional dishes and desserts.

The Rajasthani food counter has the famous Jodhpur sabzi, which is a gravy-based dish made with a mix of seasonal vegetables. Furthermore, there was a variety of nutritious and savoury dal. Lastly, the Rajasthani meal had the famous dum biryani, which is made with slow-cooking rice and a blend of spices and herbs.

The reports also suggest that to accompany the main course, five types of breads were served to cater to everyone’s personal preferences. One of the most talked about vegan options was bajra khichdi, which is a light and healthy dinner option made with millet. 

Just like the food, reportedly, the beverages too had the choicest ingredients and a wide range of variety. There were five types of freshly squeezed juices and shakes to keep the fluid intake on point in the hot weather. Other than that, the cooling accompaniment, raita, was also served in three different ways.

To end the dinner on a sweet note, delectable desserts with a selection of eight treats across the country were made with utter perfection. Some of the desserts included the spongy rasmalai that is made with chhena, milk, sugar syrup, and spices like cardamom and saffron. The traditional Rajasthani dessert, ghewar, was also served in four varieties and was widely appreciated.