Picking Up A Different Slice Each Time: 5 Pizza Styles From Across The Globe
Image Credit: From Chicago's deep-dish pizza to pizza bianco, there are a variety of them that you can try.

Whether you have friends for a sleepover or a late-night movie session with your sibling, sudden guests or Friday night house party, pizza can easily fit in all of these occasions. The best part about a pizza is the fact that it can be shared easily. Everyone can pick up a slice and eat away. You have the liberty of choosing your preference of toppings and well, get your own style of pizza. Haven’t you fought for that last slice at least once in this lifetime? If not, then you should because it is definitely worth it. 

In fact, quite recently, I tried a new pizza eatery in Delhi and it turned out to be so amazing. Although I’m not a huge fan of thin-crust pizzas, this one was good enough. This reminded me of the thick-crust fast food joint pizzas that I’ve been very used to eating all these years. From Dominos to Pizza Hut, we’ve got plenty of them here in the metro city. Initially, they just had thick crust pizzas but now you’ve got a variety of crusts on offer. 

This brings us to the point that pizzas are of several kinds and the world has been eating them for years in their own way. Let’s take you on a pizza map of the world and see which ones have you tried till date. 

1.  Pizza Bianco 

Italy and the US are best known for their pizzas around the world. This pizza specialty hails from the southern parts of Italy and is also known as white pizza. Wondering why? Well, because the core of the pizza is missing from this one i.e. the tomato sauce. Made without any tomato sauce, the pizza generally consists of olive oil, garlic and salt. The thin dough is baked and then sliced, sometimes featuring vegetables like spinach. This was believed to have originated via Roman bakers in the olden days when they would test the temperature of the oven with a small portion of dough before baking the loaves. 

2.  Okonomiyaki 

Does this name sound a little familiar? Well, if you’re a fan of pancakes then this would definitely be something you must have tried or at least heard of. Also classified as a Japanese pancake, Okonomiyaki is the closest version of pizza in the region. Topped with egg and some special okonomiyaki sauce, the sweetness of the condiment pairs well with cabbage, squid, noodles and pork. This meaty pizza is a heavenly treat for the taste buds. 

3.  Deep-Dish Pizza 

When someone says deep-dish, my mind instantly responds with Chicago pizza. The highlight of this pizza is the fact that it is a thick-crust pizza where the crust rises up to three inches after baking. The pizza is loaded with meaty, cheesy and tangy flavours, together as toppings of the pizza. Usually baked in a pan, one slice of a deep-dish pizza can be really filling. 

4.  Tarte Flambee 

The French are nowhere behind when it comes to baking their own pizza. Tarte flambee is a thin-crust pizza from France that combines cheese and bacon on a plate. Cheese like fromage blanc is used to give it a cheesy touch. Meaning “cooked in flames”, the soft pizza that originates from Alsace region, is layered with toppings and baked in wood-fired oven. 

5.  Fugazzeta 

Close cousin of fugazza, a kind of foccaccia bread which is a specialty of Argentina, this fugazzeta resembles the deep-dish Chicago pizza. The thick crust and loads of toppings like mozzarella cheese, ham and onions makes it a delicious Argentine–style pizza. 

Then you have Naples pizza, Sicilian varieties and many more.