Phirni To Dal: 5 Traditional Mango Recipes For Summer
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Mango is the main reason why Indians wait for summer season. With unbearable heat waves and non-stop sweating, this fruit gives us motivation to stand this period of the year. With beautiful green and yellow colour, mango is juicy, pulpy and tastes absolutely divine, definitely, it is the king of fruits. The most beloved varieties of this fruit in India are alphonso, chaunsa, dashehari, langra and kesar. Our country is the largest producer of mango in the world. 

There are many ways to enjoy mangoes. Apart from eating it directly, this yummy fruit is also relished in the form of salsa, smoothie, pancake and ice cream. Talking about raw mangoes, it can be consumed as chutney, salad, pickle and the most popular “aam panna”. Made along with mint leaves, it is a renowned cooling drink for summer. But this is not the end, there are many other Indian recipes prepared with mango as well. 

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From phirni to dal, five Indian mango recipes you must try this summer: 

Mango Phirni 

Phirni is a very popular dessert in India which is often prepared on special occasions like festivals. This variety of phirni made with mango puree is perfect for summer treat. Just add the puree your basic phirni ingredients i.e., rice, milk and dry fruits to give a fruity twist to your regular dessert. Use full cream milk and a few strands of saffron to enhance the flavour of your dessert. 

Mango Pulissery  

Mango pulissery is a popular dish from the state of Kerala. It is a sweet and sour curry made with ripe mangoes, coconut, yogurt and a few spices such as cumin seeds and fenugreek. The dish is usually served as a part of a traditional Kerala feast also known as Sadya. Mango pulissery is commonly served with rice and thoran. Raw fruit is also used to make a variety of mango curry. 

Mango Kalakand

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Kalakand is a semi-solid sweet made with paneer, full-fat milk and sugar along with the flavour of cardamom. It is popular all across the country. But have you tried the mango flavour of this sweet? If not, then you are definitely being unfair to your taste buds. Made with milk and mango puree, this lightly sweetened dish is perfect for summer. Mango kalakand can be refrigerated for two to three days. 

Mango Kadhi 

Kadhi is a wholesome lunch recipe in India when paired with hot rice and this version of your favourite dish is made with raw mango, coconut milk, curry leaves and a mix of flavourful spices. Just boil the mangoes and process it into liquid, then mix a few spices. Sauté curry leaves, red chilli and other spices in oil and cook the mango mixture properly. Garnish with coriander leaves and enjoy. 

Mango Dal 

If you are bored of your regular dal recipes, then give it a tangy twist with raw mangoes. This refreshing summer dish is quick, easy, light and can be paired with both rice and roti for lunch. This lentil recipe is mainly cooked with toor dal but you can also experiment with other varieties of lentils. Mango dal is also rich in essential nutrients like fiber, protein, and vitamins.