6 Homemade Spreads To Make Delicious Sandwiches

When we talk about breakfast options, sandwiches are among our top preferences. From basic bread and butter to mint chutney and hearty grilled chicken sandwiches, there are numerous ways to relish this delight. Besides morning meals, it is also an ideal dish for untimely hunger pangs or an evening snack. You need not be a pro at cooking to prepare a sandwich for yourself.  

The main ingredients needed to make a sandwich are bread slices, vegetables (or meat), and spreads. Speaking particularly about sandwich spreads, is a condiment used to enhance sandwich fillings, adding flavour and moisture, especially when the ingredients or bread are dry. Some spreads, like peanut butter, can serve as the primary filling. They contribute to the overall taste and texture of the sandwich. Commonly, we might use ready-made items like butter, cheese, jam, honey, and mayonnaise to make sandwiches at home. 

But if you are looking for some delicious homemade sandwich spreads for your next breakfast, here are six recipes for you: 

Honey Mustard And Mayonnaise Spread

This simple combo can result in a classic sandwich spread. Besides sandwiches, it can become a great dip for snacks too. The creaminess of mayonnaise, the zing of mustard, and the sweetness of honey can tantalise your taste buds, for sure. It is ideal for both vegetarian and meat-based sandwiches.  


Pesto is a popular sauce that is loved all over the world. Made with basil leaves, garlic, cheese, lemon juice, almonds, salt, and pepper, it can be used for soups, pasta, burger buns, pizzas, dips, and grilled dishes. For a tastier sandwich, you can add tomato slices, shredded chicken breast, and pesto spread.  

Homemade Fruit Jam

Sweet, fruity jam is perfect to complement the savoury ingredients of sandwiches. Be it a chicken sandwich or a simple toast, fruit jam can taste amazing with all varieties of this breakfast item. Many types of jam are available on the market, but you can also prepare a jar for yourself at home with fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples, and sugar. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.  

Tomato Chutney

Tomato chutney is one of our favourite dips for many dishes like dosas, fries, chips, etc. It can be used for both breakfast and snack sandwiches. The spread is seasoned with asafoetida, mustard seeds, sesame oil, and sambar powder. On a tomato chutney sandwich, you can also add cheese slices to complement the taste. 

Coriander-Mint Chutney

Made with very few ingredients, this flavourful chutney has a spicy and tangy flavour with a hint of sweetness. There are many variations of this chutney, and you can adjust its taste according to your preference. This Indian spread is popularly used for the iconic Bombay sandwich. The main ingredients of this condiment are mint, cilantro, cumin, garlic, and chillies. 

Yoghurt Spread

This is a healthy, creamy, and filling sandwich spread that can become a part of your breakfast, snack, or tiffin box. Loaded with cheese, curd, and vegetables, it is packed with flavourful spices. However, if you are preparing sandwiches for your kids, check the spice level. The main ingredients for curd spread are hung curd, vegetables (like carrots, cabbage, and capsicum), boiled corn, red chilli flakes, and black pepper.