This Broiling Hack For Tandoori Chicken Is Genius
Image Credit: Unsplash

Very few things come together so well as tandoori chicken; be it the juicy fall-off-the-bone texture, the smashing spice mix or the unmissable smokiness that leaves a rich aftertaste, the recipe is one of the perfect foods ever made. 

If you don't have an at-home tandoor, the easiest way to achieve this consistency, texture and smokiness is to broil your chicken. It's no secret that broiling chicken is your best bet when you want to achieve the crispy, charred texture of the tandoori chicken. 

The crispy crust is more crucial than you think. It is full of nooks and crannies that carry the concentrated flavours of the masala. These flavours only show up in the profile of the dish when the heat is cranked up and the crust is cooked till crispy, and yet the chicken is tender and juicy in the middle.


Experts believe that the best way to do this is to broil the chicken in an oven until it's almost done before turning up the heat on the broiler to attain the crispy brown edges of the tandoori. But that's not all. There's one other trick to turn the exterior texture of the chicken even crispier and yummier. 

Place the chicken on a baking rack on a foil-lined rimmed baking sheet. Broil for ten minutes or until the chicken is charred and fully cooked. When the chicken is almost done cooking, remove it from the oven, and turn the broiler on as high as it gets. Wait for a minute for the oven to heat up properly pour butter or oil on your chicken on all sides.

This coating of extra butter will add an added crispiness to the tandoori chicken. It's important to not rush this step; turn the chicken on all sides when you're adding the oil or butter so all sides crispen evenly and wait for 10 minutes. If you're broiling your chicken in an oven chances are the extra crispiness of the crust will not affect the juicy meat. 

Remember broiling uses only top-down heat to completely cook delicate food and can turn the top of already-cooked dishes crispy. Make sure you marinade the chicken overnight so the flavours really seep through into the meat. You can also freeze the marinated chicken and transfer it from your freezer to the fridge one day before you want to make it. 

Try to use paprika or red chilli powder which can add some heat to the smokiness. Also, remember the chicken may come out dry if it is overcooked; this usually happens if the chicken is cut up into smaller pieces so they cook faster. If your broiler heats up quicker than most market varieties, adjust the cooking time and check the temperature for doneness if possible.