Parineeti Chopra’s Secret To Happiness Is Kacchi Keri
Image Credit: Instagram: @parineetichopra

Parineeti Chopra, the Bollywood actor whose Instagram feed and stories are often filled with food, recently shared another seasonal recipe. The actor and singer is a self-acclaimed foodie who never fails to try anything and everything. Be it seasonal foods or her own food combinations that can even divide the internet, Parineeti Chopra never shies away from sharing food snippets on her socials.

Mango is the summer muse of every Indian, so it is no surprise that Parineeti Chopra, too, loves the fruit fondly. Not only has she posted pictures of mangoes on her Instagram feed, but throughout the season, she has also shared recipes like kacchi keri, mango chia pudding, and so on. This time, she revealed that her secret to happiness was kacchi keri (raw mango)

In Parineeti Chopra’s recent Instagram story, she shared a picture of a plate filled with raw mango slices, topped with spices. She captioned it as, “Pro tip: Eat kacchi keri with salt and red chilli powder to find instant happiness. Add nimbu (lemon juice) for extra happiness. Repeat the dish for unlimited happiness.

The Indian actor’s caption proves how utterly fond of mangoes she is. Not just this, but one of Parineeti Chopra's other recently posted Instagram stories featured a large bowl filled with chia seed pudding topped with freshly chopped mango. Another post on her Instagram feed has two cups of chopped bright-yellow coloured mangoes, captioned as, “Mango for two.”