Parineeti Chopra’s Latest Food Combination Leaves Fans Confused
Image Credit: Instagram @parineetichopra

Food combinations just have two types. They are either superhit and liked by everyone, for example, rajma and chawal, raita and biryani, Chole bhature and lassi, or they raise eyebrows. You might already know some of the debatable food combos, like whether pineapple belongs on a slice of pizza or how bad it is when someone puts ketchup on instant noodles.

Just like that, Parineeti Chopra revealed her new favourite food combination in one of her latest videos. The Bollywood actor is known to be a foodie and often shares pictures and videos of what she eats while travelling to different parts of the country. While most of her indulgences are impeccable, her fans were left confused with this food combo. Read on to know more.

What Is Parineeti Chopra’s Unusual Food Combination?

The Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra recently starred in a movie, Amar Singh Chamkila, which was shot in Punjab. Just like many Bollywood actors, she is known to have beaten teenage obesity and is looked upon for her inspiring weight-loss journey, healthy food choices, and classy taste.  Parineeti Chopra is bold in the sense that she is never afraid to share what she truly feels or believes in. While on the shoot or even during her previous movie shoots or while travelling, the actress never left a moment to talk about her favourite food. 

In a recent Instagram reel, the 35-year-old actress shares a video of her eating an unusual food combination. You can see her slicing a piece of crispy gluten-free toast, adding a little avocado to her fork, dipping the toast in the South Indian classic sambar, and topping her bite with green chutney. While this food combination has left her fans confused, she was asked how the food really was, to which she replied with a glee, “So good.”

Even though she has combined some of the healthiest ingredients, the different origins, methods of preparation, and types of cuisine have spurred a conversation in the comment section of the reel. While some people are finding the combination weird, her all-time-favourite fans are choosing to believe with the comments, “If she says it’s good, it is good.”