Papaya Desserts: 5 Fruity Treats You Can Make At Home
Image Credit: Papaya Halwa

While a lot of us may feel guilty about satiating our sweet tooth, there are some easy ways in which you can lessen the guilt and enjoy your favourite desserts tension-free. One way is by adding fruits to them. Using seasonal fruits, loaded with nutrition and less calories, is the ideal path to follow. So, which one do you want to pick from the fruit basket?

Since winters are here, we’d recommend papaya. This winter fruit generates heat in the body, and makes it ideal for the season. Packed with Vitamin A, C, and E, it is great for fighting cough and cold too. Moreover, the sweet taste of papaya also makes it perfect for being added to desserts.

Here are a few papaya-based sweet meats that you can try at home.  

1.  Papaya Halwa

The most common Indian dessert, made with flour and sugar, this thick pudding is known as halwa. You can spruce it up in a variety of ways, by adding certain spices, alternating flours as well as by adding a fruity punch to it. The papaya halwa is prepared with khoya, sugar, ghee, and papaya chunks. Flavoured with cardamom powder, it is a must-try in winters. 

2.  Papaya Laddoo

These yummy spherical balls are shaped with the palm of the hand. The laddoo is made with khoya, milk, and papaya. Add some coconut and dry fruits to them and roll them up. Let them set for a while in the refrigerator and they are ready real quick. 

3.  Papaya Barfi

This sweet bite is another Indian dessert that is commonly prepared on special occasions. The barfi is made with a raw papaya paste, which lends it a dark green colour.  Mixed with milk, milk powder, dry fruit, and elaichi powder, this barfi is a delectable sweet meat. It is chewy and gooey in texture and taste.  

4.   Papaya Karanji

In Maharashtra, it is called karanji, in some other parts of north India, it is known as gujiya. Whatever be the name, the essence of this crunchy dessert remains the same. The deep-fried sweet puff is usually made with maida and stuffed with khoya. However, in this case, a raw papaya filling is prepared and dunked in a karanji which lends it a delightful taste.

5.   Baked Papaya Sandesh

This delightful mithai is a Bengali specialty. The chenna-based sweet is given a fusion twist by pairing leftover motichoor laddoos with kalakand and papaya. Ripe papaya stacked on top of kalakand barfis gives it a fruity and sweet spin. Not only this, it also adds a pop of colour to the otherwise white sweet.