Paneer Pasanda: All About Google’s Most-Searched Recipes Of 2022
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

2022 is drawing to a close and many of us have started to look back at how eventful the year gone by had been! we look back at the eventful year gone by. Our life returned to normal, much like the pre-pandemic era, and let’s be honest, it was a delight to see the world getting back on its feet. And while we set to bid 2022 a goodbye, Google gave us a cherry on the cake as it announced its popular ‘Year In Search Report for 2022 ‘. The report captures the most popular trends on the search engine platform, spanning everything from movies, sports, word, food and much more. And we found out which foods have captured the interest of people most, throughout the year. The report dug out popular recipe trends in both Indian and global space, and surprisingly, an Indian dish topped both the lists! Can you guess which dish topped the list? 

Paneer fans, rejoice! As per the Google's Year In Search 2022 report, paneer pasanda was the most searched recipe, not just in India but across the globe. Isn’t that exciting? Well, as paneer lovers, we aren’t much surprised as the creamy, velvety and oh-so-delicious paneer pasanda is bound to be ‘pasand’ of many and impress just anyone and everyone!

Made with a sweet and spicy filling, stuffed between two pieces of the popular Indian cottage cheese, dipped and fried, this paneer dish is served in a lusciously smooth onion-tomato gravy. If this has made you crave some pasanda right away, we’ve got you the perfect recipe right here. 

How To Make Paneer Pasanda

What makes this paneer pasanda unique and special is the use of two onion pastes. One is a mixture of cooked onions with cashews, imparting a unique creaminess to the paneer pasanda, the other is a brown onion paste, which imparts a very rich and intense flavour to it. Paneer chunks are then stuffed with a mixing of dry fruits, spices and herbs, and fried till golden brown. It is then sauteed in an onion-tomato gravy with both the paste. 

Planning to try it at home for your next meal? Click here for the full recipe.