One Pot Italian Dishes That You Need To Try Your Hand At
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Nothing spells the words ‘comfort meal’  better than, a hearty bowl of pasta or lasagna made from a recipe that doesn’t require much time and effort. One pot recipes have become a life saviour in times when one’s schedule is heavily packed with work. These recipes also have an added advantage - there are lesser dishes to wash for everyone! Whether it’s making a quick mid-night meal for yourself or swiftly whipping up a dinner for your family, one pot Italian recipes always come in handy. So bookmark this article, and don your chef hats. Today we will be serving a scrumptious Italian feast. 

1) One Pot Vegetarian Spaghetti

This vegetarian dish which has spaghetti tossed in rich marinara sauce is vegan, nut-free, versatile and quick and easy to make. Taking only 30 minutes to cook, the one pot vegetarian spaghetti is a filling meal that can customised according to your taste. You can choose to add a variety of vegetables and plant based mock meats of your liking. Bell peppers, chopped mushrooms, and diced onion would all go well with this recipe. A pro tip while making this recipe is: For a thicker sauce, continue simmering uncovered until the sauce reaches desired consistency. For a thinner sauce, add in ½ cup extra vegetable broth.

2) One Pot Italian Florentine Chicken Pasta

This 15 ingredient one pot Italian florentine chicken pasta is a wholesome meal which is high on protein and fiber. The creamy sauce combines with the penne pasta to make a delectable meal. Top this pasta with some Romano cheese and crushed red pepper if you want a little flavour kick. Use boneless chicken breast while making this pasta and try to cut the chicken into uniform size chunks for even cooking. While the recipe calls for penne, you could use any version or type of pasta according to your preference. The shelf life for this pasta is 3-4 days, if you keep it covered in the refrigerator. That said it's best served right away as the sauce tends to coagulate a bit once cooled.

3) One Pot Lasagna

A lot of times people don’t cook lasagna as they fear the amount of time and effort it’ll take to cook the dish. However, with this recipe you can cook lasagna without using multiple bowls or pots and in a few simple steps. The amazing thing about this recipe is that you wouldn’t need to cook the farfalle pasta separately in a pot. It all comes together beautifully in this one big skillet. 

4) One Pot Baked Ziti

Ziti is a pasta with a beautiful history. Read this to know more about why Ziti was traditionally cooked as a pasta to be served at Italian weddings. The Ziti pasta is tossed along some ground up sausage, fresh tomato sauce, and of course melting cheesy mozzarella. And if you really want to save up on doing the dishes, we recommend eating this treat right out of the pan.