On The Streets Of Nashik, Look Out For These 6 Lip-Smacking Treats!
Image Credit: Did you know that Nashik is known as the Wine capital of the country?

Places of pilgrimage generally have temples and historic sites as their main attraction. The bustling city of Nashik is one such example. Known for the Sita Gufaa (caves) and the grand Kumbh Mela held every 12 years, tourists flock the city for its holy shrines and… amazing food! Yes, that is true. You would find five-star restaurants and cafes in your own city too but it is the street fare of a particular place that makes it so unique. The charm of the city lies in the roadside stalls, serving a gamut of delicious bites round the clock. After all, when you are tired after a long day and want to indulge in a quick bite, street food is always there at your rescue. 

Another interesting fact is that Nashik is actually known as the “Wine Capital Of The Country” and it comes as no surprise to us since it has the best grapevines in the country. Haven’t you heard of the Sula Vineyards, the largest vineyard in India that is located in Nashik? 

While Maharashtra, particularly Mumbai, is famous for its vada pavs and pani-puris, Nashik has managed to hold a special place in the state with several tit-bits on offer. Here are some of the street foods from the pilgrim city that are worth a try. 

1. Pav Vada 

The first thought that struck you when you read this was, “Isn’t there something wrong with this?” and “Shouldn’t it be Vada Pav?”. Well, guess what? You are wrong. While vada pavs are the quintessential street food of Mumbai, Nashik is famous for its pav vada. The difference, you ask. The entire bun, stuffed with the vada is dipped in a batter and deep-fried together. Served with green chilies, it would be hard for you to find this snack elsewhere. 

2.  Missal Pav 

This is the most popular dish in the city, so much so that the inhabitants claim that Nashik has the best missal pav. A sprouts-based curry is spruced up with spices and garnished with sev and farsan to be served with pav. This can be an evening snack or a whole meal too. 

3. Jhatka Pani Puri 

Pani puri aka golgappa aka puchka. Several names but the emotion remains the same. Something spicy and chatpata will reach your tastebuds as soon as you place a ball of water in your mouth. However, this jhatka pani puri isn’t called so for no reason. Jhatka means shock or to get startled in Hindi. This fiery pani puri has levels of spiciness that you need to survive, with a tower of masala stacked on a single puri. 

Source: About Nashik/Instagram

4. Chola Fali 

Crispy and crunchy snacks that people usually relish with their evening tea, these irregular-shaped chola falis are deep-fried and served hot. 

Source: House For Foodiess/Instagram

5. Keema Pav 

Pav is said to be the staple bread of Maharashtra. Nashik too has several pav combinations to offer apart from missal pav. Keema pav is one such dish. The minced meat is mixed with a range of spices and served with pav. 

6. Chana Jor Garam 

Generally served in conical newspaper foldings, black chickpeas are mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies and some lime juice to add zest to the dish. This dish comes in handy when you are leisurely strolling on the streets and want something to munch on. 

Teekha, meetha and chatpata perfectly describe the street food scene in Nashik, we believe.