'Ok, But First Momos', Says This Bride Just Before Her Wedding; Watch Now
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, From paneer to Mughlai, we have quick momos recipes for you.

The fan fare for momos in our country is unmatched. In metro cities like Delhi and Kolkata which are essentially considered to be the hubs of momos, the snack can be found at every nook and corner. For those untouched by the phenomenon, momos are derived from the Tibetan word Mog Mog which means a bun that is stuffed. The bite-sized dumplings are believed to have originated in either Tibet or Nepal and brought to India with travelers from these regions who settled there. From vegetables to meat, all kinds of things can be stuffed in momos. 

The delicious snack is served in numerous ways, right from the classic steamed variety to fried and tandoori momos. The experimentation has been a reflection of the love and craze that momos enjoy among the people of the Indian sub-continent. However, this bride’s pure love for momos is quite evident when she is seen relishing it on her big day. Wondering what we are talking about. Take a look. 

Source: Ayu_Sheeeee/Instagram 

In the video shared by the bride, @ayu_sheeeee on her Instagram handle, she is seen holding a plate of momos with a fiery red chutney on the side. She eats the momos, one after the other, using a toothpick to avoid spoiling her makeup and finally does an adorable happy dance after the first few bites. The audio playing in the background is the title track of a new movie called Badhaai Do and it perfectly fits the mood of the video. She captions the video saying, “Ok, But first momos” with heart-eyed emoticons. 

The makeup artist cum influencer has managed to garner several eyeballs and more than 700k views on her cute video. We cannot help but say that this is what true love looks like. Don’t slurp, we have fetched some delicious recipes for you too. Try these momos at home and let us know if you like them. 

1.  Paneer Momos 

Are you a vegetarian? Then these paneer momos are ideal for you. Forget the mundane taste of veggie momos and dunk the dough with a spicy mashed paneer filling to be steamed and enjoyed. 

2.  Gravy Chicken Momos 

Well, you might be used to those dry momo bites but we guess it is time to curry things up. The steamed/fried chicken stuffed momos are dropped in a pool of onion-tomato gravy with a host of spices. This soupy affair is sure to have you drooling. 

3.  Mughlai Momos 

Give your momos a royal touch with these creamy and saucy momos. The minced chicken is stuffed in the dough and folded to give it the correct shape. It is then steamed and finally covered with a creamy, orange-coloured sauce that gives it a desi feel.