Your Trip To Odisha Is Incomplete Without Tasting These Delicacies
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You will find a variety of food with different tastes in every state of India. For example, litti chokha is famous in Bihar, while parathas are popular in Punjab. Usually, your journey to a place seems incomplete without tasting the street food there. Odisha’s culinary trail also narrates an interesting story. This city on the edge of the sea coast welcomes lakhs of tourists every year. There are some great places to visit in this state, but tasting some delicious dishes should also be an essential part of your trip. Today, with this article we will tell you about some famous food of Odisha. 

Pakhala Bhata

Whenever there is mention of the famous dishes of Odisha, the name of Pakhala Bhata comes foremost. This dish is prepared in Bengal, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh adjoining Odisha and made with boiled rice, curd and some spices, making it taste delicious. Locals and tourists like to eat it with fried fish or roti. So, do not return without tasting this delectable dish if you visit Odisha.

Bara Ghuguni

Just as Pakhala Bhata is famous as Odisha's staple food, Bara Ghuguni is a portion of favourite and readily available street food. These are mainly pakodas prepared with gram paste or gravy. Due to its pungent taste, this dish ranks first in the street foods of Odisha. Therefore, after tasting it once, you would surely like to make it at home as soon as you return from Odisha.

Chhena Jhili

From the name, you must be guessing what this dish is? A sweet dish loved by all in Odisha, 'chhena jhili' is specially prepared for parties and festivals. However, if you want to taste it, you can go to any street shop in Odisha where it is readily available. It is mainly prepared with paneer, sugar, ghee, cardamom powder and wheat flour.

Dahi Baigana

Dahi Baigana is one of the favourite foods among the locals of Odisha. It is prepared in almost every household. Enjoying this tasty dish while roaming around near the beach is like a trip to heaven. If you are looking for a great dish to go with while travelling in Odisha, definitely try this one.

We warn you not to leave Odisha without tasting the above delicacies. You can even pack these dishes and munch them while travelling if you want.