Not Just A Dip: Here Are 5 Ways To Repurpose The Chutney Sitting In The Fridge

Needless to say, chutney is one of the ubiquitous food items in most Indian households. The tangy, spicy and delicious condiment is enough to amp up any savoury meal. Most Indian snacks like samosa, pakoras and bread pakoras are incomplete without a spoonful of chutney on the side. The condiment is made with either a fruit/veggie, some spices along with an ingredient to add acidity or sweetness to the condiment like vinegar/lemon juice and jaggery respectively. However, the deliciousness of chutney doesn’t let us resist ourselves to make just a small batch of it, resulting in leftover bowl sitting in our fridge that becomes stale in some days and eventually makes its way to the bin. So, if you have a bowl of chutney left in the fridge, then here are some ways that you can consider using it up.

1. Party Spread

As Christmas is around the corner, we know you must be looking for a delicious dip to sort your feast. Add some chutney to a block of cream cheese/hung curd along with some seasoning spices and use it as a dip with your Christmas snacks.

2. Sandwich Spread

One of my favourite hacks, using chutney as a sandwich spread amps it up to a different level altogether. Whip up an equal amount of chutney and mayonnaise and spread it on the bread along with sme veggies and cheese and voila!

3. As A Glaze

The flavourful and aromatic chutney is packed with flavours that are perfect to revamp a savoury dish when used as a glaze. Use leftover chutney as a glaze over your roasted goodies to add flavour and aroma.

4. For Marination

Marinate your meat/veggies with chutney and prep it up for a roast. Add some more seasoning spices along with oil to make the main ingredient perfect for roasting.

5. Instant Homemade Ketchup

Chutney and ketchup have quite a lot of ingredients in common- from fruits/veggies to the basic spices. Make ketchup out of leftover chutney by sprucing it up with some vinegar, spices, salt, sugar and fruits/veggies.

Do try these ways to use up the leftover chutney in your fridge to save another journey of the spicy and tangy chutney to the bin.